Hi! My name is Remy


Hi! My mom has lots of names for me. And sometimes my dad calls me Remington. But you can call me Remy.

People say I’m a pitbull, but my mom tells me that I am a Staffordshire Terrier. That sounds fancy! I’m not sure exactly how old I am, but I know I was still a puppy when I met my mom and now I’m about one year old.

My life got off to a crazy start. I can’t even remember what happened, but somehow I ended up in the Long Beach animal shelter. The shelter was loud and scary, but I tried to be really brave.

After a few days I moved next door to the spcaLA, and that’s where I met my mom! She’s an RVT and her job is to make animals feel better. The first thing she did was give me a Parvo test — I won’t even tell you where they put that Q-Tip! She also poked me with some needles and squirted some icky stuff in my mouth. I didn’t mind that much though. She seemed really nice and she let me sit on her lap. I could have taken a nap right then.

I guess she liked me too, because a week later she and my dad brought me to their house and now it’s my house too. I have my own bed and two kitties that don’t like me very much. And I have a rabbit. She lets me lick her nose and sometimes I eat her poop.

Before I got my new family I was blue on the outside and the inside, but I’m not blue inside anymore. My family takes me on a lot of adventures and sometimes I get really cool stuff to play with. I want to tell other pups all about it!

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