A few weeks ago my family took me on a really cool trip. My friends that I walk with on the weekends got to come too! We went to Newport to this place called Southwind Kayak Center. They were really nice and they didn’t even mind all the dogs hanging around and riding in the kayaks too.

I had so much fun kayaking with my mom and dad while we went all around the harbor. There was even a beach that dogs get to play on. And I got to swim in the water too. That was a little bit scary, but my dad stayed right next to me and made sure that nothing bad happened.

The kayak got a little wobbly when I tried to chase some seagulls…and when I got mad at this big white buoy — he was really bugging me. My family kept me safe though.

The best part was that we got to celebrate my friend Kai’s birthday there too. Her dad made strawberry frozen yogurt, crackers with salmon, and carob banana cupcakes! I got to eat extras because some of the other dogs are kind of picky. My mom even tasted the cupcakes and frozen yogurt and I think she liked them too.

I can’t wait to go kayaking again. I had so much fun that day, I slept the whole way home.

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