Ah, So Relaxed

My mom likes to play this cool game with me, she calls it the Relaxation Protocol. Every day she gives me some treats for sitting quietly while she does some crazy stuff. Sometimes she jumps up down a bunch of times or runs around me in circles or looks around in the closet where she keeps all my favorite toys and treats. Sometimes she starts talking a lot, even though no one else is home.

The game was pretty easy until she started throwing tennis balls and that squeaky pig toy around. I almost forgot that I am just supposed to keep sitting around. But the treats are really tasty, so it wasn’t hard to remember and if I sit for a while I get to play with the toys eventually.

For a while we only played the game inside the house, but now I get to play it lots of places, like the harbor and the lake and that part of the parking lot where all those lizards hang out – gosh I want those lizards! What was I saying? Oh right, the Relaxation Protocol game.

I’m not really sure what the point of the game is, but I think my mom just likes to play it because it gives her a reason to give me more treats. I can tell she really likes to give me treats because she always “Yes!” right before she gives me one and looks really happy about it. It’s kind of funny though — after sitting around so much whenever my mom does weird stuff, I kind of feel like just sitting down whenever I see other weird things…and then my mom says “Yes!” and gives me treat. Hmmm…I need a nap now.

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