Can we be friends…please


These are my kitties. The white and orangey one is Schroeder and the brown stripey one is Linus. I really like them…a lot. But whenever I try to play with them they get really crazy. Their hair puffs out and they make scary noises and chase me.

My mom says that they’re just a little too old to want to play with a giant wild puppy. She gives me treats when the kitties walk by and I’m too sleepy to try to play with them. That’s nice enough, but everyone knows that kitties are way more fun than treats.

The worst part is that I saw some pictures of my kitties with the dog they used to live with. She died before my family got me. My kitties loved her! They would even lick her face! I want them to lick my face, but I just get so excited about them; it’s really hard to sit still.


Maybe, one day, my kitties will love me as much as I love them. Maybe they will even jump on me and we can play wrestle mania! I have dreams about it sometimes…

2 thoughts on “Can we be friends…please

  1. When we’re out walking and we see a kitty, I get a treat if I don’t go all nuts about it. So to me, kitties = treats. Momma tells me I’m not allowed to chase the kitties, but doesn’t everyone like to play chase?

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