My First Day at School

This weekend my family took me to my first Canine Good Citizen class. My mom says that if we do well I will get a special certificate at the end and if I calm down a little bit when I get older I might be able to have a job visiting kids who aren’t feeling well and need some cheering up. I would really like that because I love when kids pet me and I really like it when I make them happy.

There are two other dogs in my class; one of them is a big black Labrador mix and the other one is a smallish terrier. I really wanted to play, but they are a little nervous about other dogs so I had to settle for chatting from a distance. My teacher is my friend David and he brings all of his dogs to help too. I love his dogs so much! Especially Smudge — he is really cool. We go on pack walks together every week.

Anyway, I had the best first day of school. We walked around a lot and I got treats every time I followed my mom, which was, like, almost every time. And I had to practice sitting quietly while my mom stopped to say hi to David and his dogs. That part was really hard, but my mom looked really happy when I did it and she gave me way more treats than usual. That made it easier to keep sitting. Then I had to sit still while all of my pack walk buddies walked right by me. Sometimes they even stopped to hang out for a few minutes, and I had to just sit there! That was even harder; I wanted to play! But I also wanted treats and I really like it when my mom smiles and says she proud of me, so I tried extra hard and I did it! My mom gave me a lot of pets after that; I could tell she was really proud.



This school thing is really great. I got so many treats and my mom even added those little bits of hot dog! I wish I could eat hot dog every day! My mom says that I get to go again next weekend and I can’t wait. David says next week is going to be even harder, but I think that just means I will be getting more hot dog treats. I hope the weekend gets here soon!!


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