Yay, Hiking!

So my mom takes me for a really nice walk every morning. We got out for at least an hour and usually two and I love it so much because there is so much cool stuff to smell and I get to say hi to a lot of other pups that we pass along the way. Plus my mom gives me a lot of treats and we play fun games too.

Usually we go to the lake near our house or to that place where there are a lot of boats and so many birds. But sometimes my mom takes me to this really fun hike called Top of the World! We got to go there today. My favorite thing about Top of the World is that the dirt smells really good. Sometimes it makes me a little crazy and my mom has to calm me down. I can smell animals in that dirt that I never even met before — my mom says it’s deer and bobcats and maybe even mountain lions. I could smell that dirt all day. And my other favorite thing is the quail mommies with their babies, but we didn’t see any of those guys today.







This is what it looks like when you get to the very top. Sometimes my mom is a little tired when we get there, but I’m not! She likes to stop and look at the ocean and I like to scout for lizards and drink some water.

If I don’t find any lizards, I like to stare off into the distance like my mom and try to figure out what she is looking at. I also think this makes me look smart. Then we walk all the way back to the car. I try to stay awake on the ride home, but when we get there it’s always time for a nap.

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