I Can Leave It :)

When I first came to live with my family my mom said I needed to learn something called impulse control. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I know it involves seeing something totally fun or delicious and doing nothing about it. Nothing! This is a crazy idea and I don’t know who came up with it, but it makes my mom happy. Plus I figured out that if I ignore the really cool thing, I get something else that it also really cool, so it’s actually pretty fun.

At first I just had to leave treats. They would just sit there and stare at me smelling tasty and I had to just stare back. And then I had to stop looking at them and look at my mom. I thought that was hard. You won’t even believe what my mom did next.

Ignoring a yummy treat that is just sitting still is tricky, but ignoring a yummy treat as it scampers down the sidewalk…I thought that would be impossible! My mom likes to throw them while we’re walking and if I want to eat that tasty traveling treat I can’t chase it. But, if I sit and look at my mom, she says “okay” and I get to eat that sneaky treat!

Now I can even leave my toys! I’m getting really good. You should see it. The squeaky kitty toy, my tug toy, my Wobbler, I can leave them all! Here is a video of me leaving a tennis ball at the dog run…

After we’re done playing, I love to hang out in the grass and relax with my tennis ball.


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