I Am Suddenly Feeling Very Itchy All Over

So I went to the lake with my mom today, which I really love because it takes at least two hours and there are a lot of ducks that leave some delicious treats behind — even though I have to leave it if my mom notices. We were having a great time playing some of my favorite games and enjoying the nice weather, which is suddenly cool and gives me a lot of energy.

Then my mom saw this really nice tree and she said “Hey Remy, let’s go take some photos by this nice tree.” I like to take photos so I got comfortable by the tree and mom start clicking away and waving her hand around, which is weird. Everything was like normal and then I started to feel something itching me on my skin. It was just my paws at first, but pretty soon I could feel it everywhere and I really didn’t like it at all. Then my mom noticed it too and she started rubbing my fur all over and hundreds of those stupid ant bugs started falling off  of me! They were everywhere!

This is the tree that I do not like because of ants

I pretended like it wasn’t a big deal, but really it was awful and I was so happy that my mom saw those bugs and got rid of them. After that the rest of our walk was still nice and my mom gave me some extra kibbles, which made me feel better.

We even found a plant with some pretty flowers and no ants to take more photos in front of. 

This is the plant with the pretty flowers that I do like because of no ants

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