These Babies Are Cute!

Before my mom and dad adopted me, they took care of some other pups that didn’t have families. They loved all of the puppies a lot, but they had these two little ones for an extra long time because the puppies were only 5 days old when they came to my mom and dad’s house!

My mom told me that some homeless people were keeping the babies in a tent and just left them there in the middle of winter! I am really glad that those poor babies did not die! My mom had to feed them special formula from a bottle and make sure they stayed warm and she even had to make them go to the bathroom! I think that part is funny.

My mom named the boy puppy Ace and the girl puppy Babe, which are names of two pigs in these books by a man named Dick King Smith . He wrote a lot of books about animals that my mom loved to read when she was little. She says the babies looked like piggies and they ate as much, so those were good names.

The puppies only weighed about half of a pound when my mom first got them. By the time they were ready to find families to adopt them forever they were almost 30 pounds! They both found really nice families really fast. I think my mom helped because she taught them a lot of things like to sit and shake and target and watch. Sometimes my mom tells me that she is wondering how the babies are doing and if they are happy at their new homes. She says that I probably looked a lot like them when I was baby. And then she smiles and pets me a lot. She said that when I am more grown up we can have some more babies come to stay with us for a while and I can’t wait!



5 thoughts on “These Babies Are Cute!

  1. Awwwwwe, Ma is all screechin’ and stuffs because she just LOVES puppy pics! I tell her to just get MY puppy pics out, that that should be enough for her, buts NO, she loves ALL puppy pics, and wants to see em’ ALL! Oh, the nerve. Oh, wells, I’ll get over it…..anyhu, I thinks your peeps are amazin’ rescuing and savin’ those cuties. Kudos Mom and Dad!!
    I hopes you get your wish for a brudder or sisster soon!!



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