My Best Class Yet


Yesterday I had my Canine Good Citizen class again and this one was the best ever! My mom said that I was a star, which sounds very important.

We did some more walking patterns and a lot of calm greetings. The best part is that my dad made me this nice mat that is soft and that I get to lie down on whenever it is around. And I get treats for lying down on it too! We had only played with my mat in the house before, but then it came to class with me and I got to play with it there too!


We played a game where my friend David, who is also my teacher, came to say hi to me. At first I got so excited I had to get up from my mat to meet him, but whenever I did that he would turn around and walk away! So after a few times I tried just staying quietly on my mat and then David pet me, which was my favorite part of class!

Then my mom left me with David while she walked away. That part made me kind of nervous, especially when she disappeared behind this tree and thought that it ate her! I knew I had to stay on my mat so I didn’t get up, but I was really scared about my mom being eaten. But then the tree let her go and she came back and gave some hot dog treats, which you know I love the most.

My mom let the tree eat her a few more times, but I started not to worry so much because she kept coming back again. Plus I kept getting those hot dog treats and David was there to keep me company. When we were done my mom pet me a lot and we played the “Give Me Ten” game, which is like the “High Five” game except way more fun.

It didn’t seem like a lot of work to be so good in class, but it must have been harder than I thought because I was exhausted on the drive home!



8 thoughts on “My Best Class Yet

  1. Well, Hi, Remy! It’s nice meeting you. I took a Canine Good Citizen class, but liked people too much. 😦 We should have gone back and retaken the test, but ‘stuff’ got in the way. Good luck to you…can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  2. Yea, Ma says I’m a TOTAL spaz, and disrupt EVERYBODY, and so on, and so on…..
    You are a smarter pup than I!! (Well, at least a more obedient one!! BOL)
    Keep it up, Rock Star!!



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