My New Puppy Friend

So we didn’t have CGC class this weekend,  but something way more fun happened. My friend David got a new puppy named Leo. This poor puppy was at a shelter and, well, I can’t even tell you what was about to happen to him. It is way too sad and horrible to think about. Leo is such a nice little guy and he is only about three months old!

Anyway, my friend David found out about Leo and what was going to happen to him, and David knew that he could help Leo out, so he did! And yesterday David had to go out of town and Leo got to come over to play at my house!

We went on a good walk together. Mom had to carry Leo because he probably hasn’t had enough vaccines yet to be safe on the ground.


I even let Leo hang out in my house with me. I really like this little guy! Even though his eyes look kind of scary in this picture. Mom always forgets to turn the flash off on the camera…and then Leo kept trying to sit in her lap once she was right there. He liked her a lot too.


The only problem with Leo is that my kitties actually kind of like him! I mean, that’s really nice for Leo and all, but what about me! Maybe Leo will give me some good tips about winning over these tricky kitties.


I was pretty sad when Leo left, but we go on walks with David all the time, so I think I will be seeing Leo again soon 😀 And after he left I was pretty tired from all the excitement. Luckily my mom and dad were ready for some cuddling time.

34 thoughts on “My New Puppy Friend

  1. Oh, what a cute little guy!! Kudos for your friend David for givin’ Leo a furever home!! Yea!! You two look like you will be BFFs!



  2. We are so glad that David gave Leo a nice friend and it is great Blue that you get along with him. That is great that Leo gets along with the kitty so well. Thanks for introducing us. Take care.

  3. IT is so nice to hear the good stories for little abandoned puppies. We think Leo is cute too and you are very kind to share your time with him.

  4. Leo looks like a cute little guy and will make a WONDERFUL friend…..blessings on your friend David for saving him before it was too late. I’m glad you have a new buddy – Leo seems to be the kind of guy who will fit in WHEREVER he is!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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