My Bark Box Is Here!

My mom and dad got me this really cool thing called a Bark Box. It’s like a present that comes just for me every month and it always has really cool stuff inside that I never tried before. They even make different ones for different sized dogs!

It is always really exciting when we open our Bark Box and get to see what kinds of fun are hiding inside 🙂 Here is what we got this month in order of coolness…



Poop bags are very useful, but not particularly fun. These fancy ones from Metro Paws are awfully stylish though 🙂


My mom already brushes my teeth every day, so she wasn’t sure if she wanted to use this Tropiclean stuff on me or not. She decided to ask my opinion. I took one whiff and said “No thank you, please.” I like my malt and poultry flavored toothpastes much better!



These turkey liver Trail Blazin’ Bitz from the Feel Good Treat Company are really delicious. My mom is pretty skimpy when it comes to treat size and I think she was hoping that she could break them into smaller pieces, but I am glad that she can’t! They are crunchy and delicious and it only takes 3 tasty organic ingredients to make them!


So this neat looking thing is a felted wool toy made by a place called Lollycadoodle. It looks really pretty and I like the way it smells too. Best of all, I can groom it for hours!

 As you can see, I really love putting my incisors to work 🙂

Now this is definitely the coolest looking thing in my Bark Box this month. This super neat Humungastache is made by a place called Moody Pet and they have some really funny stuff for animals.


 This one is a giant rubbery mustache with a ball on the back, so if I hold the ball in my mouth I can have a mustache!

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the Humungastache yet, but we bully breeds are nothing if not determined!

So that is my October Bark Box. This should keep me busy for a while, but I already can’t wait for next month!


32 thoughts on “My Bark Box Is Here!

    • It says only US and Canada for now 😦 But I bet they will be in the UK any day now!

      My mom is also anxious to photographed a mustachioed blue dog, but I am feeling reluctant. Maybe I am just not ready to be that grown up yet…

  1. That bark box looks a great idea. I don’t think my humans have seen them in the UK, i will have to mention it to them there could be a job idea in it for them i would have to be chief tester though what better endorsement can you get.


  2. I’m tellin’ Ma that I’m a neglected pup! I seem to be the only pup who doesn’t gets a ‘Bark Box’!!! OMD! This neglect HAS to stop! (think it worked??)
    Anyhu, your box looks GREAT Remy! Lots of good stuffs in there, I do love to ‘groom’ my fuzzy toys too!
    Can’t wait to see the mustache!



  3. The Bark Box is such a great idea. We don’t have anything like that here in South Africa. Maybe I should start one.
    I do hope we get to see you with the mustache – looks so cool and funny. What a clever idea 😀
    Litchi is not allowed any cloth material toys. She does Exactly what you were doing with yours but finishes the job properly and then the stuff comes out the other end – aarghh 😀

  4. How exciting to get mail every month! I think dogs should get mail every day (and ok, some cats too) but I don’t think that will ever happen! Your eyes are so stunning – hey! Are you wearing eye liner?

    • Yes! It would be so exciting to get mail everyday! My mom and dad do, but they don’t usually seem particularly excited about it. Maybe they’ve just been spoiled?

      I am going through a punk rock adolescent phase, so eyeliner is pretty important. I was hoping for a spiked collar and a mohawk too, but my mom says she has to draw the line somewhere 😦

  5. That Bark Box looks so cool. Well, except for the poop bags and toothpaste. That must be great getting treats and toys in the mail every month though.

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