Have You Seen a Crinkit?

I had this really cool toy called a Crinkit and I didn’t even know it because my mom was hiding it from me! It came in last month’s Bark Box and my mom thought it looked pretty flimsy and would never survive a round with my teeth. But she was wrong. So wrong.

Crinkit is fun to play with all by himself. He is floppy and has a smell that I like and he is really great to chew. But then my mom put a water bottle inside and he got even cooler. Now he makes a really neat noise when I chew him and I can spend a long time trying to get that bottle out – no luck yet.

Here is me having some fun with Mr. Crinkit…

I have done some serious chewing and my Crinkit doesn’t have a single hole! I am really glad that mom finally decided to give this toy a try. Maybe she will let me play with the kitty toys next!

24 thoughts on “Have You Seen a Crinkit?

  1. Oh, Remy, that Mr. Crinkit looks like lots of fun!! Hey, if it can survive YOUR mighty jaws, I’m sure it would survive mine! Ma, I want a Mr. Crinkit!!! (paws crossed!)
    Have a fun weekend, Remy!



  2. Oh Remy!
    Wow that looks like a fun toy! Me thinks my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon would LOVES a Crinket! Me shall shows this to Mommy!

    • Maybe you would like it too! I wonder if they make a kitty sized one…although I think my kitties would be much better at poking holes in Mr. Crinkit than I ever could be.

  3. Wow, Remy! You listen to your Mom so well! I have never seen a Crinkit before and I shall have to ask #1 to investigate. France is pathetic when it comes to dog (or cat) toys but she is going to England soon!


  4. Our boys love their crinkets! Monty has managed to figure out how to completely smash the bottle inside, so Mom is becoming a master at replacing them. It’s amazing how resilient they are!


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