This Is Terrible!

Yesterday I had  my last CGC class, which went pretty well. We practiced staying and then coming when called and we practiced waiting around with a stranger while our people disappeared for a while. I did a really good job on that one!

Waiting for mom to reappear!

Still waiting…

There she is!

Then we did a practice of the test. I did really good on almost all of it and it was extra hard because no treats are allowed! No treats! But even without my delicious hot dog treats, I still did good when my mom talked to a stranger and when the stranger pet me. I walked calmly through a crowd of people and dogs and did lots of turns staying right next to my mom on a loose leash. I did a great job staying and then coming when my mom called me. And my mom said I was a star for waiting quietly with a stranger while she just vanished for three whole minutes! That is a very long time!

But there are a couple of things I still need to work on. I got a little too excited about being groomed because the comb looked just like a toy to me and I hopped up a little. And I almost did really good greeting another dog, but I suddenly got a bit playful right at the very end. The worst part was the distraction, which was a dog running all the way across the field really fast. I know I am supposed to just sit calmly, but when I see another dog running like that my feet just start going before I even think about what is happening. I didn’t go far and I calmed down right away, but I still was just a little too wild.

Playing the “touch” game!

I am going to take my actual test sometime this week, but I’m not sure exactly when. My mom says we’ve got some work to do before our test. I don’t mind working, but you will never believe this last part. David, my teacher, told my mom that…it’s almost too awful to say it…he told her that it is time to start giving me less treats. Less! Like not as many! As in fewer! I was mopey the whole way home after I heard that.

And sure enough, our walk this morning was noticeably lacking in the treat department. I still got some treats, but  had to work a lot harder for them. My mom told me “good boy!” a lot and pet me, which is all right. Not as good as treats. Even though my usual treats are just my regular kibble, they are still delicious!

I wonder how I will get my food now? Maybe I will starve! I hope my mom forgets about this treat reduction plan soon!!

27 thoughts on “This Is Terrible!

  1. Sounds like you did such a good job. I don’t think it will be long before you pass that test. Watching a dog run is very very hard. That is going to take some practice but you will make it. Take care.

  2. Good luck! I’m working with Eko on CGC training and it’s tough – he can’t fathom how he is supposed to watch another dog play and not join in!

  3. You work that hard and then you get LESS treats?! Sure doesn’t sound fair to me buddy – you’re doing SO well!! I’m sure you’ll ACE the test and then maybe you’ll get lots of treats afterwards? Good luck,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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