Shark Remy!

Thanks to all my buddies who voted to help me pick out my Halloween costume!

The Scary Shark was the big winner! My dad made a cool shark fin for me and my mom thought about getting me some sharp teeth, but then she decided I would probably just eat them. She is right about that.

So I thought my shark fin looked pretty great, but it felt very weird on my body, so I mostly tried to grab it. That turned into a fun game!

Then I got sort of bored of it, as you can see.

I’m not sure if wearing clothes is as exciting as I thought it would be…but I am willing to give it try next year! Or on my next evening walk, since my mom just got me a spiffy sweater to keep warm on these chilly nights.

I hope you all had a really fun Halloween!

32 thoughts on “Shark Remy!

  1. We would have tried to chew that shark fin off too. We don’t blame you Blue. It was fun though to see a picture of you with it on. Hope you have a great evening.

  2. Oh Remy, why oh why do they do it to us?? Ma tried to puts a clip-on tail on me, butts I took it and peed on it!! hehehe, that’ll teach her!!
    You, however, look as cute as could be!! Very smarts your Moms!!


    • I think it is because they do not understand what is actually funny. Like peeing on a clip-on tail – now That is funny!

      But they do seem to understand what is cute…

  3. That shark costume was a great idea….I wish I had one. I could have so much fun with it when I was swimming. Do you think I could be mistaken for a real shark. I can hold my breath and swim under water for 17 seconds.
    well enough of me. way cool costume.

    • You could definitely be mistaken for a real shark Bert, especially since you can swim under the water. Maybe your family will make you your own shark fin to wear! And then you could try to eat it too 🙂

    • Thanks Bella and DiDi! I think you are right that I do not remember ever seeing a shark that is cute. Except for maybe in a cartoon. Maybe I am the first cute shark? Maybe I can be in a special book? Maybe I should wear my shark fin more often!

    • I like to play in the ocean a lot, but I get a little nervous when I can’t touch the ground. My mom and dad still make me do it sometimes though. Maybe I would like swimming more if I am wearing my shark fin?

  4. Come over to uz, Alfie the cat ( furball ) ates fish..He’z not normal. Youz be doing mez a big favour, scare the S******te out of him BOL..Uz dawgz gotta stick togeffer..BOL xx00x Hay, youz gonna be Christmazed up ? just say YES in our commentz 🙂

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Do I really look scary?! That’s so exciting! But I don’t want to scare my friends. Only if a bad guy comes to my house, then I will do my scary bark and put on the shark fin for good measure!

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