What a Beautiful Morning!

One of my favorite places to walk is at this harbor near our house. It has boats and birds and lots of other pups around too! And it has this nice smell that is salty and makes me feel extra bouncy. It is one of my mom and dad’s favorite places too, so we get to go there a lot.


This morning was extra nice. It started off pretty chilly, but it was nice and warm by the time we got to the oceany part. Today we sat there for a while before turning back. The ocean makes a noise that I like and once in a while I can feel the salty water in the air.




I like to look for creatures living in the rocks and smell the messages other dogs have left behind. It’s funny because the ocean is a very exciting thing, but it make me feel calm too. I really like to play chase with the waves, but I’m not allowed on the sand at this place. It’s still lots of fun to watch them though.



I am feeling extra happy after such a good morning. And I cannot wait until we get to go back again…maybe tomorrow?

32 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Morning!

  1. Guess what, I went to the beach today, wez only live 5 mins 🙂 It’s just the best. Misaki hasn’t been, (Her comment up above,) but we said in the summer she can come down and play at our house, and wez go to the beach.. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • It’s just the rules at the beach by the harbor. Mom is mostly very serious about following rules.

      But…don’t tell anyone…this one time when it was night my mom and dad let me go down there! It was the first time I met the ocean up close and first it was kind of scary, but then it was Really fun!!

  2. You brought the huMom happy memories with your blog today. She used to take long walks with her Brady, before he went to the bridge, and she still misses him and their special walks together. She said there’s no one as content as a tired doggie after a good long walk, except for maybe his companion. We hope you get lots of good, long walks onebluedog.

  3. That looks great fun!! Don’t think I would be allowed to go to the beach though, even though I can see the sea from my house!! Love Austin 🙂

    PeeEss Eating a pea is ok as long as you do it by mistake 😉

    • Maybe you can go in one of the things that is usually for babies, but sometimes for pets. With the wheels and all zipped in? I think you would like it 🙂

      And I am glad to know it is okay to eat a pea by accident. I better be careful not to eat one on purpose though!

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