This Week Just Keeps Getting Better


I made another new friend this morning! He is about a year old, just like me! And he has lots of energy – also just like me! We had so much fun playing together!

Usually I like to be the chaser, mostly because I am not as fast as the other dogs. But this time I was the one being chased and I loved it!


Does this picture make my butt look big?

And this guy was really good at Wrestle Mania too!


It looks like we are being pretty rough, but that was only for dramatic effect. We were really just having a ton of fun! We invited the pretty, fluffy dog to join in, but she was happier to just watch us be wild.



By the end of playtime I was back to being the chaser again…



Sometimes I wish I had a buddy at home that I could play with all the time, but mom and dad say that four animals is enough for one house. For now at least…

29 thoughts on “This Week Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. Boy, you sure looked like yous was having a great time! And more new friends! before yous know it, yous will know everybody!

    • Aw, thank you 🙂

      I am lucky to find a good playmate! A lot of dogs find me, um, annoying 😦 But I think I am growing up because other dogs seem to like me more lately 😀

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