What Do You Do?


I have been feeling awfully worried. You see, I am taking my Canine Good Citizen test on Saturday — unless there is rain — and I am starting to feel nervous about it.

It is going to be at the park with the lake, which is probably the most exciting place I know. And all of my pack walk buddies are going to be there. Usually I am pretty calm about being around other dogs, but my pack walks are the most exciting thing and it is pretty hard for me to be on my best behavior when I am hanging out with the pack walk pups.

What if I don’t pass? It is going to be hard with so many distractions and no treats to keep me going. Maybe mom will be sad? I don’t think so. She told that I am a very good pup and she loves me no matter what, but still…

And if I am not a good citizen, does that mean I am a bad citizen? Maybe I am not a citizen at all? What if I have to go back to puppy jail? No no, mom would never let that happen in a billion years.

We have been practicing a lot. Mom takes me to the lake twice a day now so I can work on being relaxed there. It seems to be working. We even went in the rain this morning, which mom didn’t see to mind at all, but I did not like a bit. But I was still a good boy.

Even with all the practice, I’ve been having a hard time not worrying about the big test. Then mom said, “Hey Remy, why don’t you ask all of your clever blogging friends what they do when they feel worried?” Mom can be really smart sometimes.

So what do you do to relax when something is making you nervous?

50 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

    • Thank you Katie & Cocco πŸ™‚ That is very good advice — I am not sure if dogs can squeal, but I bet that a lot of noise making in general is probably not a good idea in this case.

  1. Listen, youz is gonna be just fine..Stick ya nose in the air, and keep ya eye’s forward. It’s a win win situation, coz if ya pass, you’ll get loads of hugs and treats, if ya don’t you’ll get loads of hugs and treats. Youz will be just fine πŸ™‚ xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Me and Nellie think you will be fine, especially with all that practise. If Me and Nellie get worried about anything, We like to have a snooze. Everything seems better after a nap. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  3. You guys are an inspiration! Eko and I are still working on CGC practice and we’re rooting for you big time. No matter what happens you’re a great pup. The best training advice we’ve gotten – and I think it applies especially to test day – is to make sure you have had lots of exercise beforehand. Tire yourself out, run the stress away and you’ll be calm and ready to knock that test out of the park. Good luck!

    • Aww, thanks Will πŸ™‚ I am going to work even harder knowing that you and Eko are in my corner! And I think that some good exercise is a great idea. I heard mom telling dad about waking up very early so we can play a good game of fetch before the test.

  4. Remy, we think you will be fine. Take deep breaths and just focus on what you are supposed to do and just remember, when it is over, you can play all you want. And if you fail, you can try again.for sure. We sure will be cheering you on. We just know you will be all right. Tell the Mom to stay calm and then you will, and the two of you just act like it is an everyday event which it is. Good luck.

  5. You must stop worrying so much, Remy. What will happen will happen, and we all know you will try as hard as you can. Not all tests can always be passed the first time around, and it had nothing to do with whether you’re a good dog or not. The best thing to do is give your Mom a big hug and listen to her tell you she loves you no matter what.


  6. We’re confident you’ll do fine, Remy! A test is just a test. As long as you do your best. πŸ™‚
    And when we are nervous, we find it helps us most to be held and hugged by Mommy.

  7. have lots of exercise before the test,that will get ride of any excess energy then you can concentrate on the test,then during the test do the best you can as long as you do your best you’ll be fine.just remember you can’t do no more than your best and no matter what I shall be very proud of you and we’ll have a party to celebrate either a done your best party or a congratulation you’ve passed party…ok Remey?

  8. Oh, Remy, I’m sure you’ll do just fine!! You are a ROCK STAR after all!! I agree with every other pups, run, run, run, befores the test! That will get out all that nervous engergy, and let you focus. A tired pup, is a focused pup. That’s what Ma always says!
    Good Luck Remy!!


  9. Hey Remy, we know you’re going to be GREAT! Remember, the worst thing you just could ever imagine will never happen no matter what the outcome: your mom will never, ever send you back to puppy jail no matter what. So after that, you should just be proud of everything you’ve accomplished already. I agree speedyrabbit – get a lot of exercise beforehand so you’ll be less inclined to want to romp. Then sit back, relax and enjoy being recognized for the good citizen you already are. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

    • Sometimes I just let my imaginations get too wild. You are right that my mom would never send back to puppy jail — sometimes I just think this all is too good to be true and I feel scared that all the nice things that have happened since I found my family could just disappear again.

      I will just get some rest, get lots of exercise, and be the best pup I can be πŸ™‚

  10. If I was the tester, I think I would pass you just for your handsome face, but I don’t think it works that way? Maybe you could just chew on something yummy & watch something funny on tv. Then before you know it, it’ll be saturday and you can show em’ what you got!

  11. May your goal for the day to be just have fun. That’s what we did, we decided it was a learning experience and we just wanted to have a good day. It took so much pressure off of both of us that Sam passed with flying colors!


  12. Remy, how has it taken me this long to find your blog?! I’m in love with it! I’m so glad that you commented on our blog today so that we could find you!

    How exciting that you will be taking your Canine Good Citizen test on Saturday! What an achievement!

    Athena is quite the worry wart. When she needs to relax we usually give her a toy that will keep her mind verrrrrryyyy busy. A nice frozen Kong is usually our first choice. Athena will forget all of her worries once she has her Kong! Maybe your mom could make you one for breakfast on the morning of your test?

    • I am glad I found you too! I’ve only been around for a month or two, so you haven’t missed much πŸ™‚

      A good frozen Kong is a very relaxing! I usually don’t get mine until the end of the day, but maybe I can talk mom into bending the rules…

  13. Oh Remy, don’t worry about it at all. Just go and be you. Thats what I did. Oh Wait, I didn’t pass the first tiem. Maybe you should go and be not you. You know, be a robot dog. Thats it. I beleive that is how I passed it the second time.
    Good luck dude you’ll do fine….

  14. Wow- I’m sure all that practice will pay off! Before Skye took her CGC I only had a few minutes to get in the zone. I was super worried because we were in a new place and there were horses everywhere, which get Skye really excited. So we played one of our favorite games- touch. It gets Skye focused while being very fun and her attentive behavior put me at ease. I also promised myself frozen yogurt and a Sirius Republic collar if we passed…

    • Wow, Skye must be a really good girl to be a Good Citizen with all those distractions! Maybe she can send some of her calm energy my way.

      I love playing the touch game too! My mom always likes to play when there is other cool stuff going on.

      And I am going to talk to mom about some frozen yogurt too. Not just for her — for me too! Maybe I will concentrate harder if I know there is an extra special delicious treat waiting for when I am done πŸ™‚

  15. Dear Remy (I asked my mom to type this for me since I am not so good on the laptop, but she
    promised to write exactly what I say)
    Would you like to borrow my rain jacket for your big test? I bet you would look great in it! It keeps all the drops off my back and my mom always puts it on me if there is even a chance of a drizzle because I HATE the rain! Let me know, ok? I’ll run it down to you.
    Also when I get anxious I usually jump on my mom’s lap and lick her face about 100x then run around barking like a maniac…maybe you should not take my advice though, I don’t think that’s how a good citizen would act.
    Sometimes my mom gives me a little doggie massage and rubs my ears and that calms me down a little, but only if she can catch me while I’m playing “run away from mom and don’t come when I’m called”. Do you know that game? My mom never seems amused when I am playing it, I can’t figure out why!
    Well good luck this weekend! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!
    AKA the not so good citizen pup:)

    • Butters! Hi!!! You know that you are an excellent citizen buddy! David says that licking is totally okay. I know you are very good at licking πŸ™‚

      A rain coat sounds very nice, but I think yours might be just a tiny bit small for me. Doggie massage sounds like something I would really love; your mom will have to give my mom some tips the next time they get together.

      I do know the run away game! I like to play it when I sneak up stairs against the rules and eat all the kitty foods…Yummy! But then mom says, “Remy, down” and she has the “I mean business” face and then all the fun is over 😦 It is more fun when my mom chases me around the dog run for fun; then I am allowed to run away, but I usually try to chest bump her instead πŸ˜€

      Thanks for the good advice Butters!

  16. I’m no good to follow. When I worry I used to go to Zac and he would calm me down. Now I cry. The puppy has helped me and I’m not as worried as I was, but he hasn’t taken all the responsibility off me yet, in fact he sometimes looks to me for what to do and that worries me!!
    I think it sounds like you’ll do just fine on the day. You’re well prepared and just have to do what your Mom suggests.
    I think you sound like a good citizen already πŸ™‚

  17. I’m sure you will pass the canine good citizen test. Before I had my first appearance in public I was nervous too ( an my staff much more) and I saw me in my imagination as disqualified and disgraced, but then I passed all as I had done it for years. Don’t be nervous, stay cool&relaxed – and I will cross my paws for you ;o)

  18. Oh Remy I just bet you’ll “ace” that good citizen test – after all – you and your Mom have been practicing and everything. I bet you’ll be a real STAR! As for what to do when you’re nervous? Your doggy buddies are giving you some good suggestions – I can tell you what most cats do though in a nervous situation – – – we give ourselves a head to toe grooming session. Yep – calms me right down. I suppose that’s out of the question for you…..but you’ll do JUST FINE!

    Kitty Hugs and Good Luck, Sammy

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