My Friend Nellie :)

Do you know my friend Nellie? She has a really cool blog called Cat from Hell.

Photo by Cat from Hell

Nellie got a pretty rough start with some people who didn’t take good care of her at all. Luckily she was rescued by her wonderful family who have helped her be the very sweet and special kitty she is today! You can read all about it right here.  Nellie may have come from a place that was as awful as hell, but I think she is a cat from heaven!

If you haven’t met Nellie yet, you should go right now! Yes, right now! What are you waiting for???

Yesterday Nellie and her very cute canine sister Cinnamon sent me a very special present, which is one of my favorite presents ever. Just look at this cool badge she made for me!

Thank you Nellie and Cinnamon!!! I am very lucky to have such thoughtful friends!

15 thoughts on “My Friend Nellie :)

  1. We love and ADORE Nellie and her brother Kozmo. In fact, I’m a member of Kozmo’s Feline Investigation Bureau (FBI) and we have interesting adventures too! Nellie may have had a rough start but she’s certainly made up for that by being a sweet, kind, caring little girl to all who know her. Concats on your fancy badge from Cinnamon and Nellie!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Oh Wow! Me is just overwhelmed! AND yous picked my favorite picture of me!
    Remy, yous is a sweetheart!
    Oh Cinnamon sends yous slobbery doggy kisses

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