Look at All These Boats

I think this is going to be a really good week. Not only is this Thanksgiving celebration coming up in a few days, but my dad is taking some vacation from his work. That means that I have my mom And my dad all to myself for the whole week! I am so excited!

This morning we went back to the harbor for a good walk. First we went to the dog run at the top of the hill. The dog run is extra fun with dad because he is the best ball thrower ever. We played lots of fetch and I got to meet some nice dogs that were passing by. Plus, some very nice person has filled all the holes with nice sand since we went last.

After lots of running around, we walked down the hill to the part with all the water and boats. There is place that sells these things called bagels, which my mom is crazy over. And all the tables are outside, so pups can hang out too. But we didn’t stop today because mom says Thanksgiving is coming and she needs to start saving room already.

So we just kept walking past the restaurant and down the path where I get to see all the boats bobbing around on the water. There are tiny ones and huge ones. Some of them have dogs on them! And the harbor has a nice smell too, like salt and fish and birds.

I could spend ages just smelling around this place! Mom and dad like to keep a quick pace though. But once in a while they stop to chat to someone or just enjoy the view, and then I can smell as much as I want to! And sometimes I like to enjoy the view too.
I always feel really happy after a walk around the harbor. I can tell that mom and dad do too 🙂



42 thoughts on “Look at All These Boats

  1. So fun! Salt and fish and birds is my favorite smell! OK -I’ve never actually smelled it before, but if I did, I’m pretty sure it would be my favorite. Sometimes Mom makes a tuna sandwich and that’s also my favorite smell. Thanks for sharing that amazing walk!

    Love and licks,

    • I love to chase waves at the ocean. I do not like swimming pools. Or baths outside. But I do like baths in the bathtub inside 🙂 I have never been to a lake yet, but I would like to try it!

  2. Oh, harbor’s are Moms favorite places! She LOVES ot take pics of everythings! In college she photographed one for her final, and got an A+! So , anytimes she can make it, she goes. She has yet to take me, thou. I’m still trying to talk her into it though. I hopes my visit is as good as yours was!! You’ve gotta get you some of those bagels though, they ARE tasty!

    • A+! Wow! That is even better than perfect! Of course, I already know your mom takes really great pictures from looking at your blog 🙂

      I hope your mom will take to the harbor soon Ruby! I just know you are going to love it 😀

  3. Now that sounded like the best day!!! Nothing better than hanging out with your peeps, other dogs, and bagels (yum!)!!!! 🙂 Your marina looks like it’s very fun and busy!

  4. I myself do not like walking about where there are ::shhhhh:: woofies ::shudder:: and Humans. I myself like to nap in my sunpuddle by the window and watch the silly peepuls and their pups all scurrying around. I watch them and then i take a nice nap and eat some treats. Ahhhhhhh. Life is good!

    • Yeah, we don’t get snows or ice here. And lots of sun. But it has been cooling off and now it is pretty chilly at night. But then I have hardly any hairs, so I get cold pretty easily…

    • Yes, I hope so too! I just get bits of kibble now and then while mom devours those delicious smelling bagels 😦 And they have this nice creamy cheese on top too…mmmmm, so yummy!

  5. I don’t know how you can stand it – so many smells! so little time! What a great place to visit!

    And yes, Blueberry is going to be happy to have me off from work for a few days too! It’ll be dog heaven for her and Linus! 😉

  6. Hey Remy,

    How cool that your Dad’s home too!! I love it when my Dad stays home as well, only I don’t get as much Mischief in – doh!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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