My November Bark Box!

It’s Bark Box time again and this one was really good! I have been having so much fun with all my cool new toys and treats. Just look at what I got this month:

First there are these nifty gift cards for DogTV,, and I am especially excited about the one because they have lots of delicious treats and fun toys there. I cannot wait to see what Mom will pick out for me!

Then there is this cute little Cool Treats pumpkin pup smoothie from Mr. Barksmith’s. I haven’t gotten to try this special treat yet, but I saw mom put it into our freezer, so hopefully I will get to taste it soon!

And that was not the only treat I got. My Bark Box also had these really delicious Fruitables skinny mini treats. They are pumpkin mango flavor and they smell so wonderful mom even thought about taking a little bite!Here I am waiting for mom to say “Okay!” so I can eat these yummy treats. Hurry up mom!

For some good chew time I got a special Moose Rac Chew Toy from Acadia Antlers. It is a really cool bit of antler, which I especially like because it is kind of flat, plus a really soft rope toy.

I really love to chew on this guy. I haven’t really gotten to the rope yet; the antler part is just too much fun!

The last cool thing from this Bark Box is the Bionic Bone. This is a chew and a treat puzzle kind of thing all together. It is harder than a Kong, but still a tiny bit soft. I like the shape of it a lot and I think the color is pretty cool too.

You can fill this guy with some tasty stuff, like peanut butter or yogurt. My mom smashed up some banana and mixed it with a little yogurt, peanut butter, and pumpkin puree. Then she put it in the freezer for what seemed like ages! It was worth the wait though! It takes a pretty long time for me to get everything out too. Bionic makes some other cool toys and I hope I will get to try them.

I just love my Bark Box! I hope I will get some special Christmas toys and treats next month!

46 thoughts on “My November Bark Box!

  1. I loved, loved, loved this month’s BarkBox!! It was so much fun and so delicious! The only thing that I (personally) didn’t like was the smoothie…weird texture Remy! But the antler chew toy and the Kong thing were so awesome!! 😀 I also loved the Fruitables, but I got Blueberry and Pumpkin, how was the mango one?

  2. That is a Bark Box and a half! Wow! I hope Mom puts some pumpkin purée into the ice cream treats she makes for me, next time. I am afraid of the freaky pumpkin head that the guy across the hall puts out, but I think pumpkin foods are delicious.

    Love and licks,

  3. I have got to get my MOM to get me these bark box things. You are one lucky pup. What a wonderful selections. i’ve had those skinny treats and I love them. ENJOY!

  4. The moose rac and bionic bone both look like toys Eko would like – I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Whoa, Puppy! What the heck is this “Bark Box” dealio?? And is there a MEOW BOX that I don’t know about? Why, that’s just about the coolest thing this little kitty’s ever even HEARD of!!! So much cool nommy stuff it even looks good to ME! Oh, Huuuuuuuuuuuman…..

    • So a Bark Box is this really cool thing that I get in mail every month. Yes, special mail just for me! And it has neat toys and treats inside that are just right for my size.

      I don’t know if there is a Meow Box, but there should be! A king definitely needs special mail presents 🙂

    • The DogTv does sound totally cool! I haven’t gotten to try it yet; mom keeps saying something about being busy with “work.” I think work is just an excuse for being boring!

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