I Just Love This Little Guy!

As you may know from this Wordless Wednesday, my super cool puppy buddy Leo came to my house again! We didn’t get to have a whole slumber party this time 😦 But he did get to hang out for most of the day πŸ˜€

Mom and I got up extra early to play fetch at the dog run. Then we met up with Leo and his brothers and sister to go on a pack walk at the lake. And then Leo came home with me and mom! We watched mom make some breakfast, which smelled pretty yummy, and then we did some napping while she ate and did a lot of boring work.

Then we did some playing! I did a lot of play bows and Leo did a lot of jumping on me. It was really fun! Mom tried to video it, butΒ every timeΒ we heard the camera make the beeping noise, we just stopped and stared at her…oops.

And then it was time for another walk!

Which way did he go???

I got your back buddy!

After that it was time for a little more napping before Leo had to go home.

You make a pretty good pillow , Leo!

I was pretty mopey when Leo had to go…but mom helped cheer me up with some extra cuddles and a frozen Kong πŸ™‚

Still, I think the next time Leo comes over to play we should just keep him forever!




31 thoughts on “I Just Love This Little Guy!

  1. Oh you two are definitely best buddies!! πŸ˜€ I love the last photo…too sweet! I’m sorry that Leo had to go home, but I bet his parents would miss him terribly! Hope he comes to play again soon! πŸ™‚

  2. Gosh! Yous is a furry lucky puppy to has such a cool friend to sleep on! Thanks yous for your good wishes for Bob. She is a teeny bit better, but we is still furry worried.

  3. OMC! I think something is wrong with me. I am starting to have a lot of warm fuzzy feelings for a woofie. OMC! And he’s even a boy woofie! Remy you are winning over my flinty little feline heart. Even my Human, a cat person since the age of three, is feeling all grabby-hands when we see your sweet pictures, specially the ones with you and Leo together. Sigh.

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