It’s Raining, It’s Boring…

And this pup has been snoring and snoring. What else is there to do? Just rain and rain and rain since Friday!


Linus sure seems to be enjoying the weather, but then he sleeps all day anyway and he gets the primo spot on mom’s desk.

Lucky we got out for a few walks, but I do not like walking on the wet ground so much. Mom says this is weird because I like to play in mud and puddles and the ocean, but she obviously does not understand the difference.

We have been playing a lot of tug in the house though, which I love. When I was younger the tug games were pretty short because I didn’t always drop it the second mom told me, and then the game was over just like that 😦

But now I am really good at it. I drop it right away. I wait until she says I can take it again. She can be really tricky too, waving the special tug rope right in front of my nose. I have to look away sometimes to resist the temptation. It is worth it though, because tug is one of my most favorite games!

Mom says it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow and that we can go to the dog run to play fetch — I hope she’s right about that!

53 thoughts on “It’s Raining, It’s Boring…

  1. You are a beautiful tug player, Remy. I hope you can get out to play tomorrow. I have had my own problems getting out today. It wasn’t raining, but there are TWO PINK BALLOONS tied to the shrub in front of my house!!! I’m pretty sure they want to kill me, so I watch them through the window all day, and when Mom tries to make me go out, I hide so she can’t get my leash on. Then when she opens the door, I turn to stone.

    Have fun at the park.
    Love and licks,

  2. We sure hope it’s sunny for you tomorrow. And how does Linus not knock over that glass of water?! That’s the first thing my cats go for!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  3. Wow Remy, you are so well behaved! I like how you pretend that the rope isn’t even there when your mom tells you to leave it. Hope you get to have fun outside soon! (My Shiner also does not like to go out when it’s raining…)

  4. Oh yuck, we don’t like the rain so much either. Athena especially doesn’t like the rain. She will even refuse to go potty at night if it’s raining because she hates it so much. Luckily we have some nice raincoats to put on her and that seems to help her forget about the rain a little bit.

    I love, love, love the name of this post by the way! So creative!

    I’m so impressed with your tug manners, Remy! We need to start training Athena how to properly tug because she has no manners! I would love to hear any tips you have about teaching the “take it” and “drop it” commands.

    • Mom taught me “drop it” by offering really tasty treats so I would drop what is in my mouth to take the treats. And when I started to drop the thing for the treats right away she started saying “drop it.” And after a while she would say “drop it” without showing me the treats, but then she would give me treats when I dropped it. And then she would only give me treats maybe every other time, and then less than that. And now I just do it right away…mostly πŸ™‚

      And for “take it,” mom used “okay” to help me understand that. Mom says “okay” to let me know that I can stop doing whatever she told me to do. When she said “leave it” with the rope toy I would leave it, but I really wanted it. So when she said “okay” I would take it right away. Then she started saying “Okay, take it.” And now she can just say “take it.” But she only uses “take it” for my special tug rope toy. We only ever play tug with just that one rope. It she wants me to pick up something else, she says “get it.”

      Oh, and mom would also use “yes” to let me know I did what she wanted. She trained me to understand “yes” the way you could train a pup to understand what a clicker means too. So then when I didn’t get a treat right away, I would still know that I did a good thing and treat was coming pretty soon πŸ™‚

  5. We had a ton of rain this weekend too Remy! πŸ™‚ Hopefully yours will be over really soon so you can go and play outside!! OMD, I adore playing tug o’ war!! It’s super hard to drop it though…I still struggle! Congrats on mastering the game though! πŸ™‚

  6. Zac & I hated rain and always refused to go out in it. Now however there is a strange being sharing my life with me. A dog who loves puddles, mud and rain! I am horrified.
    I enjoy my morning romp in the park, but if it rains, I’m happy to snore the day away too.

  7. We have been getting a lot of rain too. Norman has been having the hardest time deciding whether or not it’s worth it to go outside to pee:( And Kaya is the same way you are about the wet ground. She does not want to sit to be let out of the gate, but she has no problems running in the mud, creak, puddles, etc. Silly dogs!

      • Actually, our kitty Gina does all her potties outside, but she LIKES going out in the rain! She begs me during a downpour to go out and play, eventually I can’t take the hysteria any more and out she goes like it’s a sunny day. She comes back soaking wet and is dry 2 minutes later. Do cats have magic furs?

    • Guess what, Spitty! My kitties can do some tricks! They can sit, high-five, and sit up, plus Linus can lie down too. But they only do it if they know mom has the kitty treats…

  8. Sorry’z wez late Remy, we’z been out. It waz raining cat’z and dawg’z here but we’z gone to really cold now ( UK ) I couldn’t go out to play in the rain. I love playing tug πŸ™‚ You’z so good at it. If Alfie waz Linus, he would fall off that desk..BOL We’z hope you gets some sun, so youz can go play πŸ™‚ xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. It’s been raining here every single day for the last few WEEKS. It bugs me when it rains in the morning because that’s when I go out to the garden to play.
    Tug is a fun game to play! Especially since it can be played indoors too. πŸ™‚


  10. Remy, what a good dog you are for sure. That was such a good game and you did just as Mom asked. No wonder you got your Good Citizens certificate. Have a great evening.

  11. Oh, Remy I SO know how you feels abouts the rain!!! We had a great sunny day yesterday, and it was dry today, but it’s gonna rain tonights and tomorrow! It’s so damp, that Ma thinks mildew is gonna sprout out of my ears!!
    I love tug, too! And, as much as I am a spaz at most things, I AM good at this! Probally because the first thing Ma taught me as a pup was ‘drop’. So, I’m really goods at it. Plus I gets REALLY good treats if I do!!
    I do likes you tug rope….I thinks I’ll ask for one for Christmas!


  12. Wow Remy,

    You’re showing me up with those excellent good manners dude, now Mum’s thinking that I should be that obedient – doh!!

    I hope you got some sun buddy, we’ve final got a few dry days too, that was a LOT of rain we had!!

    wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

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