Acadia Antlers Just For Me?

You might remember that I got this really cool thing called a Moose RAC in my last Bark Box . This super neat antler toy is from a company called Acadia Antlers. Well, I got really lucky because Carol, who owns Acadia Antlers, was so happy to see me enjoying my Moose RAC that she wanted to see how I might like some of her other yummy antlers.

Yup, that’s right, Carol sent me four chewy-licious antlers to test out and let all my buddies know just what I though about them. Isn’t that the coolest?!?

So here is what Carol sent me:


Look at all these tasty moose antlers! I’ve got a Split, a Tyne, and two Moose Tasters 😀

The Split



Yum yum, this is one tasty antler!


Please excuse my drooling…


Not now, mom — I am busy!

The Tyne



I don’t want to look at it – I want to chew it!


Even yummier than I thought 😀


Mom, can’t you see I am working?


The Moose Taster



This is torture! Please say “okay” now!


Totally worth the wait!


So satisfying!

So what did I think of my Acadia Antlers? I think the pictures say it all – I am crazy over them! And mom likes them a lot too. I have had some antlers that were a like a rock hard dead thing with no taste; I had no interest in those at all. These antlers, which come from moose that live in Maine, are fresh and tasty! And since antlers are shed naturally, no moose are harmed in the making of these delicious antler chews!

When they arrived they were a little smelly, which I loved, but mom did not seem to enjoy as much. But as soon as they were out of the package and had a chance to air out, Mom couldn’t really smell them anymore 🙂

The split was the most delicious, with all the tasty marrow! And the tyne was the most fun to play with 🙂

Mom says she is going to let Artemis, my bunny, try out a moose taster. Did you know that other animals can chew antlers too? Like rabbits and rats and birds! I am a little reluctant to share my yummy antlers, but my bunny shares her hay and poop with me, so it only seems fair.

Now do you want to know what I think is the coolest part about Acadia Antlers? They donate these extra tasty antlers to dogs in the military! You can read all about it on their website. These dogs are very special and they sure do deserve lots of these wonderful antlers!

It was awfully nice of Carol to send me these antlers to test out. I have loved every single minute of it and I know mom will be buying some Acadia Antlers as soon as I’ve run out!

41 thoughts on “Acadia Antlers Just For Me?

  1. Remy, it is clear that you are truly enjoying those antlers. What great photos!

    My natural snack of choice is tender horse hoof “fillet” when the farrier trims Vidock and Violette’s hooves. There are so many yummy natural treats out there!


  2. You do make those antlers looks yummy! We see them in pet stores all the time. Thanks for the review. We haven’t found any small enough for our Chi Chi yet. (she’s a chihuahua) Happy Monday, furriends.

    • I have had deer and elk antlers too. The deer one was pretty good, but I did not like the elk one at all. These moose ones are my favorite 🙂 They are the most tastiest!

  3. You know, for a long time our boys were crazy about antlers and we loved them. Their teeth where cleaner, the boys had busy work… but, lately, they won’t even look at them.


  4. Those sound great Remy! Ma is always hesitant to buy them because they’re so expensive, and if I don’t like em’ shes out like 15 bucks! I usually like chews I can destroy, butts I keep hearin’ great things about these antlers…gotta be betters than the ones Ma made me weat in the Christmas pic! Those ~ not so tasty!


  5. My head is still spinning from learning that your bunny friend shares poop and hay with you! Especially the poop! How glorious!

    Those antlers look great – I’m heading over to check them out right now!

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