Do I Need a Doctor’s Note?

Well, I was going to show you all the new trick mom and I have been working on today, but when I woke this morning I was just not feeling like myself at all. Usually I like to curl up the couch for few minutes while mom gets ready for our morning walk, but today I just didn’t want to budge at all. I was feeling sleepy and cold and was definitely not excited to march about in the cold. So mom just took me out for the important business and then right back to my warm spot.



Mom has been pretty worried because this is not really like me. She has taken my temperature (ugh) and checked my heart rate and lung sounds (who knew she had a stethoscope !?) and pulse and gums and all sorts of things. She says those things are all normal except my gums, plus I am still very interested in food and all my important business looked normal. She gave me some canned food with extra water mixed in in case I am a little dehydrated — I guess my gums were just a tiny bit pale and not quite as moist as they should be. If they were even medium pale mom would take me in to her work, but she says just a tiny bit pale is not too bad. And she spent some extra cuddling time on the couch with me. Now my gums look and feel normal again, so that is good.

Last night there were some noises outside that woke us all up a few times, so I didn’t sleep that well. And it was extra cold too. So maybe that is why I am just not feeling right today. Since all my vital signs are normal and I am eating well and not throwing up, mom is just keeping a close eye on me for now. But it will be trip to the veterinarian tomorrow if I’m not feeling better. Mom says they will probably take my bloods. I have had this done two times before. Once to see if my vaccines had worked and once to see if I had worms in my heart. Ick! It was not bad at all; I just hope they will not take all my bloods. I would miss them.


Where did all my energies go??

Mom says that I can rest for the whole entire day if I want to. Normally this would sound like a torture, but today I am very happy to just keep the couch from flying away.

I hope you all are having a very good day and I hope I will be energetic to show you my new trick tomorrow!


52 thoughts on “Do I Need a Doctor’s Note?

  1. Oh no, Remy!! I am so sad that you are not feeling your 100% best today. I know I always get worried when Athena feels under the weather. You are very lucky to have a mom who knows so much about keeping dogs healthy. It sounds like she’s taking very good care of you. I expect that you will make a very quick recovery and be back to your normal self by tomorrow! Until then, enjoy being lazy on that comfy looking couch!

    • Oh, don’t be sad! I will be okay — I promise. If only to stop mom from taking my temperature again! But I am glad that she knows how to take care of an under the weather pup 🙂

  2. OH my, this is a cause for concern. This is not like you at all. Although I understand the not wanting to go outside and walk. It is so so cold.

    So rest today and if your not better by tomorrow, I think you should call a doctor…..


  3. Oh I hope you get feeling better soon and don’t have to go to the vet. I get feeling that way every now and then. You just keep that couch from going anywhere, that is very important. Maybe it is just the cold outside, I hope so. Send good healing vibes your way.

  4. Awww Remy, I am so sad to hear you aren’t feeling well. Good thing you have such a great mom to take care of you. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow sweet pup!

  5. “Hey Blue (yes I know your Remy but I insists on calling you Blue), Im glad your gums are back to normal. You have a very smart mom to know about that, my ma had to go to a college program all about animal care to just learn the same thing! My ma says what you can also do if it happens again is do what we call here a “pinch test” where you place your finger with a bitof pressure on the gum, and release. If it takes more then a second for the white to turn back to pink (circulation to come back) then it means you are definetly not feeling to well. Anyways though you may even already know that, she just likes to act like a smarty pants I tell you! Anyways Bluey, you get comfy on those soft blankets and have pleasant dreams about all the trouble you can get into when you feel betta!”- luvs Kirby

    • Thanks Kirby! My mom is actually an RVT (it sounds like your mom is too!) so she is pretty good with this stuff. She checked my CRT every hour or so and it’s been good. She kind of worries too much when its one of her own furry buddies though…

      PS – You can call me Blue; it’s a very good name 🙂 My mom used to ride a horse named Bleu (spelled the french way) and she loved him a lot.

      • Oh haha, dumb me! So of course you know all about the CRT, LOL. I actually just wen in to be a vet assistant (here in canada its a step under a vet tech)but they taught us a lot and it is definitely helpful!:)

  6. It’s not good that you’re sick Remy. You look after yourself and let your Mom know how you feel – don’t be brave.
    Hope to hear you are back to full health tomorrow. Licks and Princess hugs xx

  7. Oh, that sucks dude. It would be like ME havin’ no energy….unheard of! Well, good things your Moms know exactly what to look for, and maybe you can avoid a trip to the vetties. Maybe you just have the ‘blahs’. I gets that sometimes. Paws crossed for ya Remy. {{{{hugs}}}} for you and your Moms!


  8. We hope you’re just tired from not having a good nights sleep and would bounce right back after a nice, quiet long nap. We hope you feel better soon, Remy!

  9. Oh my we hope you are better today. Do give us a pup-date. I too have been up all night as it is the fox mating season and I can’t but go downstairs to investigate at night which drives peeps made. Have a fabulous snuggle up Friday. Sending healing paw and hugs.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. We hopes you feel better tomorrow! The human sez you may haf the post holiday blues. I guess a blue doggie would be more susceptible?

  11. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling up to snuff, Remy. Hopefully it’s just this bone-chilling cold getting to you a little bit and you’ll feel better soon. Our Bella had us worried last night acting much like it seems you are but, while she didn’t jump right out of bed this morning, she is more like her old self so hopefully by today you are as well.

    Here’s thinking of you.

  12. I’m only just now reading this Remy, so I sure hope you’re feeling better by now. Maybe you’re just extra tired and need some extra rest?

    Feel better my friend.


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