Thank You My Friends!

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do when it comes to awards! I have gotten a few of these wonderful things lately πŸ˜€


First there is this beautiful Shine On Award from my adorable friend Daisy at Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven. Daisy has some really good adventures and she is so cute! Stop by if you haven’t met her yet πŸ™‚


Next I’ve got the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from my favorite celebrity pup, Zena at Princess Tails. Zena is a beautiful and talented Tibetan Terrier who lives with a cute and wild Poodle pup named Raffles. You probably already know Zena because she is a star! But if you don’t know her, you definitely should!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Now here are the rules:

1] Link back to the person who nominated you

Zena πŸ˜€

2] Post the award image on your page


3] Tell seven random fact about yourself

1. I have snake tattoo inside my ear from my old life of crime πŸ˜‰

2. I did not used to like peanut butter, but now I do!

3. I am almost always too cold or too hot.

4. I would Never kill a stuffy toy…on purpose.

5. I am a Canine Good Citizen πŸ˜€

6.I once was attacked by two dogs in my neighborhood, but I did not fight back and I still love every single dog I meet!

7. I only broke one Christmas tree ornament on my first Christmas tree!

4] Nominate fifteen other blogs

This part is tricky and even Canine Good Citizens sometimes break the rules. I am inspired by all my blogging buddies, so I would like to pass this award on to all of you who would like it!

And lovely Zena also gave me the REALITY Blog Award!

The Reality Blog Award

Now there are 5 questions to answer with this award:

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?

Hmm…tricky to choose just one! I would either turn our patio into a gigantic yard for running and fetch or I would use a magic spell to make my kitties like wrestling with me! Or maybe I would play with my friend Smudge everyday. This is hard!

2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

I am only one and half and until I was nine months things were not so good for me. One is looking a lot better, so I guess I’ll have to say one (for now).

3) What is one thing that really scares you?

I am afraid of the dark outside, but mom is helping learn to be a little braver πŸ™‚

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

I have a dream of playing wrestle mania and chase for at least 7 hours with my trainer’s dog, Smudge. He is the coolest dog I ever met. I think I might have to settle for 7 minutes though…Smudge is not as wild as me πŸ˜‰

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

I would be a cat for one day so I could wrestle with my kitties without squashing them!

Thank you Daisy and Zena for these beautiful awards!

Now I’ve got one more award to show you, but I am going to wait until tomorrow because I think maybe you have had enough Remy for one day πŸ™‚


Me and Smudge!


31 thoughts on “Thank You My Friends!

  1. Rock On Remy! What a passel of awards yous gots! Yous is going to has to start a new page for all of them! And Remy, yous deserves every single one of them!

    • It was scary! I was crying and trying to crawl away. Mom was trying to help me too. It didn’t last too long, but it felt like Forever while it was happening! Luckily none of my wounds were too serious.

    • Mom was really proud of me πŸ™‚ And she was very angry about the other dogs because they were running around off leash on the street. She said I could have eaten them for snack, but she was so glad I didn’t!

  2. Congratulations, R! Great awards. I am also afraid of the dark. My solution to that is I bark at everything that moves when I’m out at night – neighbors, cars, the flag, leaves, everything! If its moving, I’m annoyed. Apparently, Mom is trying to teach me to, “Shut the heck up.”

    Love and licks,

    • I am glad to know I am not the only one is scared at night! You are right everything that looks different and more spooky when it’s dark…we will have to work on getting braver together πŸ™‚

  3. Woohoo!! Congrats on all your awards buddy!! Sorry to hear you’re scared of the dark, have you considered getting one of those lights you can put on your head, then it’ll never be dark dude!! πŸ™‚

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, those are some great awards Remy!! Congrats to you dude!
    Sorry abouts being attacked. That sucks. If it were me, I’m sorry to say I would have been very nasty. I guess that’s just the bitch in me! BOL I’m sure those doggies are sure glads you are you, Remy. Sweet , cuddly teddy bear!

  5. Thank you for the beautiful endorsement πŸ™‚
    That snake sounds much better than my tattoo which is something to do with registration.
    And I am so impressed that you didn’t fight those bullies back and you still like dogs – way to go Remy πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations Remy on all the awards! YAY! Love the pictures… for getting too much Remy – I don’t think that can happen – we all love you too much!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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