Ray-Ray Gotcha Day Blog Hop!


My spcaLA mugshot πŸ™‚

My buddy Ray at A Peace-a-Bull Assembly is having a cool Gotcha Day Blog Hop in honor of his first Gotcha Day! So I am going to tell you a little bit about the day I found my mom-to-be πŸ™‚

My mom-to-be met me on Friday the 13th! It was in April just last year. She was not even supposed to be at work that day, but one of the other vet techs was not feeling well, so mom covered for her and thank goodness for that! She tells me it was the luckiest Friday the 13th ever.

The very first time I saw my mom I was sitting in a kennel at Long Beach Animal Control and she she came along with one of her other vet tech buddies. She said hello and told me I was very cute and then she picked me up so the other vet tech could get a sample for Parvo test.

If you have never had a Parvo test, be glad! You don’t want to know where they get that sample from! But I did not mind it too much and I stayed very nice and quiet and mom-to-be (even though she didn’t know it yet) said I was a very good boy and gave me some ear scratches and then they left.

It seemed like they were gone forever, but finally mom-to-be came back to get me. Since I was still a puppy (about 9 months) and she didn’t know if I’d had any vaccines, mom-to-be carried me all the way over the spcaLA side of the property, just in case I could still get Parvo. I weighed 46 pounds, but mom-to-be didn’t mind a bit. And I enjoyed the ride πŸ˜€

Now mom-to-be had met a lot of nice pups while working at the shelter. I mean hundreds! So I’m not sure what it was about me that made such an impression. She tells me I was sweet, calm, and very bright. And she says the handsome factor didn’t hurt πŸ™‚ But most of all she says she just had a special feeling that she’d not had before. Something told her that I was the right pup for her.

It was another week before mom and dad officially adopted me. Mom had to start looking for a new job because it took three hours each day for her to drive to and from the shelter! And dad had to sort it out so he could drive home at lunch to walk me until mom got a job closer to home. I guess they must really love me! But I will tell you more about all that on my actual Gotcha Day, which is April 20th πŸ™‚

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47 thoughts on “Ray-Ray Gotcha Day Blog Hop!

  1. awww! What a nice story Blue, how lucky was it your ma was working that day, you were probably sos cared and confused at first little Remy I’m so glad you found eachother!! You are too cute in that picture btw!

    • It was lucky! And I was scared, but I did a good job of playing it cool. Mom didn’t even realize how scared I must have been until she brought me home and my personality really came alive πŸ™‚

  2. Aw, that’s a wonderful story Remy! You were a very lucky puppy, but I’m certain that you were incredibly deserving of such an awesome home too! πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing your Gotcha Day with us!

  3. Isn’t it funny how we just know when the dog we are supposed to have appears? I was the same with Blueberry, although I saw her on Petfinders and the feeling was confirmed when I met her face to face for the first time. When she walked out – I saw her and I was like “that’s her!”.

    Love this story and I am not at all surprised that you were adopted – you are one handsome fella!

    • It is very true! The same thing happened to mom when she found her first pup, Peach. Mom was looking for a pup at least one year old and medium sized, but nothing was clicking.

      Then her friend convinced her to just look at the puppies for cuteness. She walked around a corner to see a 5 month old 55 pound Ridgeback/Shepherd mix and she just knew this was the pup. Mom says Peach turned out to be the absolute perfect first dog for her and she still misses her everyday.

  4. Wow, your mom is pretty special to bring you home with her and change jobs and everything. My Gotcha Day is coming up in a couple weeks. I’m trying to think of something really special for my blog post that day.

  5. That’s such a lovely story, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of it. When you know you know. I just knew when I saw both of my fuzzy loves. And neither time was I looking for them. Love – hits you out of the blue! x

  6. You see Remy things are just supposed to be. Fate moves in mysterious ways. If my peeps had not opened the front door as I walked past as a 17 week old rescue and talked to the lady I would have gone to boarding and who knows where from there. In those few seconds there I was and the rest is history. It was meant to be. Pip too was supposed to go all the way to Nottingham but again fate decided otherwise and she became peeps too albeit before me. Nice one pal. You are happy, we are happy, EPIC WIN! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. “If you have never had a Parvo test, be glad!” is my favorite sentence of all! Remy, this is a good Gotcha story and I have always wondered how it is that people who work in rescue can somehow settle on the one or two or three (or more!) dogs they decide to bring home to be in their family. You are very fortunate. (Also you look like a CharlieDog and Friends Pocket Pittie (little stuffed animal) that represents the therapy dog Jeffrey!) Love to you all day long.

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