42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Antlers Taste Better When You Share :)

  1. Remy,how in the worlds did I miss your last postie?! Geesh, sometimes my Ma is so lame, Anyhu, I loved your Bark Boxes! Ma finally ordered one for me, butts she has it in the room I can’t get to, so I have to wait, pfft! Looks like you had a great time with all your stuffs! Those bully stick are just the bestest, huh?!
    I’ve never tried the antlers, thou. They looks good, butts Ma doesn’t know if I would chew it cause I usally like chews I can destroy! BOL
    Have funs with your furend and your antler!

  2. If only my dogs would do that. They can’t even stand to be on the same bed while they eat! You are so lucky — I think we all want to see this in our pets, the way we do in our children. I always hold out great hopes for them….(In an unrelated development, our hike yesterday turned into “Everybody Stand Around and Wait in the Cold While Charlie Chews on this Femur He Found”.)

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