Taste Testing the Honest Kitchen

As you all probably have guessed by now, I like food. And by like, I mean LOVE. I LOVE food. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that the very nice people at The Honest Kitchen were going to make use of my very sophisticated taste testing skills and send me some food samples to test out!

Before I got to the tasty part, Mom and I had to do some research. We found out that all of the ingredients in The Honest Kitchen foods are “human-grade,” which means no creepy stuff that’s too icky for people to eat. Plus they use free-range poultry and wild caught fish. Instead of cooking the food at very high temperatures, they steam and dehydrate most of the ingredients slowly in low heat so they keep the good things about a raw food. And they make all their food in the USA. Mom was very impressed, but I just wanted to eat!

I got to try out “Embark” with turkey, fruits, and veggies and “Zeal” with haddock, fruits, and veggies. Both of these foods are grain-free. The Honest Kitchen food is a little different from the usual kibble, but it’s easy to make. You just add some warm water to the dehydrated food and let it soak up for five minutes.



Here is all the stuff we needed to make up some tasty food. Mom decided to put some in my Bionic Bone and freeze it for later too 🙂


Some Embark right out of the packet


Now add the water


Into the Bionic Bone!


I just know mom is going to say “okay” any second now…

Finally! I pretty much never eat out of a bowl, so this was extra exciting for me!


Where’d all that tasty stuff go???



All set up 🙂 Mom’s putting some Zeal in Kong for a tasty Kong-sicle!


Here is what the Zeal looks like


Plus the warm water 🙂 Extra nice on a chilly day!


Shouldn’t that be going in my tummy?? 


More waiting *sigh*


Don’t bug me, mom! I’m eating!!

Well, I think it’s pretty clear; The Honest Kitchen was a serious success in this house! I did have a tiny bit of a tummy upset the day after the taste test, but I have eaten more of my Honest Kitchen food since with no problems, so it was probably caused by something else (maybe that smelly thing I sneaked from the gutter on our morning walk?)

Mom likes the healthy ingredients and I like the delicious taste . Mom also liked the way it smelled, which is more like people food than most dog food. She is pretty picky about what goes into this pup’s tummy, but The Honest Kitchen was A-OK with her.  I can pretty much guarantee that The Honest Kitchen will be a regular in our kitchen 🙂

*The Honest Kitchen sent these food samples free of charge for us to try out.  We did not receive any compensation for this review*

49 thoughts on “Taste Testing the Honest Kitchen

    • I don’t usually like green stuff either. Once mom tried to get me to eat kale! KALE!! Ugh. But this food doesn’t taste like green stuff, so I made an exception 🙂

      • I’m not sure; I think it might be tasty even for kale loving dogs 🙂

        PS: The reason mom tried giving me kale is that we read about how much Ray likes it 🙂 I think she was a little disappointed that I did not have the same enthusiasm for the stuff…

    • Mom gives me all my kibbles as treats throughout the day. I have to work for every darn piece! And then I get some Stella & Chewy’s, pumpkin puree, yogurt, fish oil, and fruits and veggies frozen in a Kong or my Bionic Bone 🙂

  1. I recently got a packet of the turkey Honest Kitchen food at a pet store and haven’t tried it yet with Athena. Thanks for reminding me! I also have plans of making it into a Kongsicle because Athena doesn’t eat out of a food bowl either. Sheesh Remy, me and your mom are tough on our pups!

    • They are pretty tough, but the kibble sure gets tastier when you have to work for it!

      And I have a feeling you guys are going to like your Honest Kitchen food too 😀 It worked perfectly in the Kongs!

  2. I like dehydrated food too but I have not tried the ones from Honest Kitchen (it’s not available here). But making them into a popsicle is something Mommy never thought off! Thanks for the tip. 😉

    • Not so chunky…meaty tasting oatmeal is a good way to put it 🙂 But you could add some chunky stuff like extra meat or veggies or some kibble if you wanted to. Or apples! I just looove apples 😀

  3. Wow Remy…I was gonna say that food did not look that appetizing. Then I watched the video of your scarfin’ it all down and I am now thinking that looks can be deceiving. You sure thought it was yummy. I wonder if I should give it a try?! I’m gonna go follow the link!

  4. haha Remy you’re so cute! You like bowls just like my Titan! 🙂 I have to say, that green stuff looks pretty nasty. bleh My boy is so finicky, he’d probably make me eat it! 🙂

    • Thanks, Austin! They make food for kitties too! They sent some for my kitties to try, but Linus and Schroeder get upset tummies every time mom tries to introduce a new food. I guess I will just have to eat it for them 🙂

  5. We can’t get that here but The Help is very fussy too. We only eat food made in Australia because the rest goes through some weird process which doesn’t sound very good!
    I have tried so many foods and I can be fussy. When the vet put us on an exclusion diet I stopped eating for days until she began baking it, then I would eat a little.
    Anyway, now I always finish my bowl and very quickly so I think we’re onto a winner now.

  6. Interesting food. I wish they had better names for their foods. It is difficult to figure out which is which. lol I was looking for a salmon based food but I only saw one fish formula and salmon was down the list of ingredients.

  7. Hmmm. Sorry–that first batch looked, well, ick. Still, you gobbled it right up. Although….dogs lack the discriminating palate of the Feline. Pretty much, dogs eat anything. Even disgusting bits they find in the gutter. Am I right? or am I right?

  8. Looks like you enjoyed it very much Remy! Great idea adding it to the Kongs and freezing it. Shiner licked her bowl clean too, but the first time I wasn’t smart and added it to a cheap plastic bowl we use for our cereal and stuff sometimes. She was trying so hard to get every last bit out that she bit a hole in it lol…

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