My February Bark Box :)

It’s Bark Box time again! And boy did I get some great new stuff πŸ˜€


First there were some tasty treats…

These chew treats from N-Bone are delicious and good for me too!


And I love it when mom puts one of these tasty Wet Noses organic biscuits on the end of my Kongsicles!


This cookie smells delicious!

Now for the toys!

I’ve been having fun with my newΒ Pet Qwerks Inc.Β Fetch n’ Floss. I’ve given it a good workout and it’s still in one piece!


Let’s clean some teeth!


Action Shot!

But my favorite of all is my new buddy P:ECO the Penguin from Sprocket Pet Goods. He is made of organic cotton and recycled stuff and he is Really fun to play with!

The Penguin


Are you ticklish, P:ECO?


Time for some mouth to beak resuscitation!

P:ECO is one tough penguin! He’s not losing his recycled stuffing anytime soon πŸ™‚

Now I’ve got to wait one whole month before my next Bark Box gets here. Good thing I’ve got some great new treats and toys to keep me busy until then! And just in case I need something extra, Bark Box sent us $10 off at too πŸ˜€

I think P:ECO might be my favorite stuffy of all — do you have a favorite stuffy buddy?

60 thoughts on “My February Bark Box :)

  1. Wow you got some really cool stuff there! I love the picture of you sniffing that cookie (drool-drool) and the action shot! I need to start pestering my family to get me a Bark Box too. πŸ˜‰

  2. Wowzers! My hairy slobbery sisters is a tad jealous of your bark boxes! Cinnamon thinks they should gets one too! Mommy has saiod she will goes and look!

  3. I want a Bark Box! I love how you’re going cross-eyed over that cookie. I’m cross-eyed over all those goodies! My favorite stuffy is always the new one. Right now it’s my Valentine doggie.

    Love and licks,

  4. P:ECO looks really fun to play with! My favorite toy is my stuffed squeeker Elephant who’s been with me about 12 years now and who still sleeps with me. He may be blind now but I still love him!


    • They are really fun. And mom especially likes them because usually the things inside are from small companies that you don’t find in a lot of pet stores πŸ™‚

  5. Love the picture with the cookie! You look cross-eyed lol. Your penguin looks like lots of fun. Shiner has no favorite stuffies because she kills them within 5 minutes usually.

    • Mom’s first pup killed all her stuffies too. Peach had a whole menagerie when she was a puppy. They were alive and well for a month at least. Then one day Peach got a tiny piece of guts out and within minutes the whole zoo was a snowstorm!

  6. Man, I’m kind of jealous of you larger pup’s toys this month!! My one little stuffie is long gone (muahaha) and my newspaper, although fun, doesn’t look as cool as your Flossie thing!! πŸ˜€ So you have to enjoy your toys as much as possible, for me!!! Those cookies are delicious, huh?! Nummy!

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