One Blue & Red Nite Dawg!

Usually I am a pretty brave pup, but one thing I am a little nervous about is the dark. So I was pretty excited when SafetyGearOnline sent me a Nite Dawg LED collar to test out! While it doesn’t help me see better in the dark, it makes me a lot easier to see and that makes me feel safer 🙂


I got the large size, but I think the medium would have worked too. And you can pick from either red or orange. It is easy to fix your Nite Dawg collar up so it fits just right. You just slip the LED strip out and trim it to the right size.



This is what the LED strip looks like, along with the bit that mom cut off to make my Nite Dawg collar fit just right 🙂

To turn the collar on you just press on the rectangular box at the end of the LED strip. You can choose between a steady glow or a flashing light by pushing the box either once or twice. Then you just push it again to turn the light off. This collar comes with a battery that should last 75 to 100 hours! And it looks like the battery should be pretty easy to replace once it does run out.

Now I will model my cool new collar for you 🙂


This blue dog looks good in red!

Here I am with dad outside in the dark. No one is going to miss me in my Nite Dawg collar!
And here is a video of my Nite Dawg collar in action. Mom added some music for extra fun 🙂 As you can see, I can even wear my Nite Dawg collar in the rain!

I am much more excited to go for night walks now that I’ve got my Nite Dawg collar to help keep me safe. And mom and dad feel a lot better about walking me in the dark now too! I think I’ll be getting a Nite Dawg leash to match! 😀

* sent me this Nite Dawg collar free of charge for us to try out.  We did not receive any compensation for this review*

20 thoughts on “One Blue & Red Nite Dawg!

  1. That new collar is rocking out, Remy. I can’t wait to see the leash. I have a NiteIze light that hangs on my regular collar. It’s a little circle and it can be steady light or flashing. Even though Mom takes a flashlight out with us in the night, she likes that little circle of white light so she can see if I’m picking anything up off the ground when I pretend to sniff. She a little paranoid, I think…

    Love and licks,

  2. That is so terrific. I bet it would scare other dogs or varmits, but it does look neat. You will be much safer Remy. Have a great afternoon.

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