A Not So Good Day…

Yesterday started out pretty great. Mom took me to the dog run and we played lots of fetch. Then she had to go to the animal hospital she works at on Fridays so she got me all settled in my crate with a frozen Kong and a biscuit Kong and my favorite Nylabone. She even leaves my favorite podcasts on for me while she is out.



But when mom got home and took me out of my crate, I couldn’t put any weight on my right hind leg 😦 Mom said, “Uh oh, Remy…I hope this is not what I think it is…”

So we went right back the animal hospital and the vet moved my leg around and then I had to have some x-rays. They took special x-ray pictures of my knees and my hips. Mom was really proud of me because I was very good and cooperative even though this giant weird table camera thing was kind of scary and they had to stretch my legs way out for the hip pictures, which kind of hurt. She gave me lots of pets and some treats and then she and the vet looked at the special pictures.

Usually mom loves every picture of me, even the ones that are blurry or where I make a funny face or have laser eyes, but she did not like these pictures of me at all.

The special -x-ray pictures showed that I have partial tears in my cruciate ligaments on both knees! The right one is a lot worse, but the left one is not so good either. The vet says I will need two surgeries eventually, but mom is also looking into something called conservative treatment, which uses things like cold laser and acupuncture and hydrotherapy instead of surgery. Sometimes the surgeries do not go so well and they are very painful, so mom says she would like to try no surgery first since my ligaments aren’t completely torn yet.

Now I have to stay very quiet and have no exercise at all for at least one week and probably much longer. No pack walks, no fetch, no chasing treat balls around, no playing with my buddies. I cannot even jump on or off the couch by myself or go on the stairs. Mom and dad have to carry me. I can only walk around the small area mom set up in our living room.

Mom is a little worried that I will be crazy without all my exercises, but so far I am being very calm and good. And when I woke up this morning I was hardly limping at all. See mom, we can play! But mom says, “No, Remy. You are just very tough about things that are painful. You still have to rest and rest and rest.”


The not so bad parts are that my hips look pretty good, especially for a pittie type pup. And also I get to have anti-inflammatory tablets, which means one extra Pill Pocket treat each day πŸ™‚ And mom is making me special Kongsicles with chicken broth and pumpkin so I can keep busy eating and still keep trim. Being trim is very important for helping jointΒ problems.

Mom is also trying to think of new things to teach me while I stay pretty still. She says exercising my brain can be even more tiring than exercising Β my body. Do you have any ideas about some fun new things to learn while my knees are resting?




85 thoughts on “A Not So Good Day…

  1. Oh no Remy. That really is too bad. We sure hope you can stay really quiet so those ligamnets will heal up without the surgery. We are so sorry that is happening to you. We think your mom is very smart to try some other treatments. We have some friends that had the surgery and it didn’t work very well. We will try to think of some things to exercise your brain. Take care.

    • Thank you, Marg! And thanks for telling us about your friends too; I’m very sorry their surgeries didn’t go well 😦 Mom worries about that a lot…

  2. Oh dear! Poor Remy. We hope the conservative treatment and lots of rest will help you heal. We hope you get some really good suggestions on how to exercise your brain. And if we think of something, we’ll let you know!
    Take care, Remy!

  3. Remy we feel for you. We hope you get well soon. We don’t have any ideas but I am sure if mum Googled it someone, somewhere would have faced a similar problem and would have some tips.
    Take care.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh dearie me…..Remy my friend I’m so sorry about your poor knees! You’re going to have to do EXACTLY, PRECISELY what your Mom and the Vet Guy say so that you’re back having fun in no time OK???? I hope the “no surgery” treatments work for you – I REALLY do. Wish I knew some fun things to exercise your brain but I don’t know much about doggy brains…..just kitty ones.

    Healing Hugs, Sammy

    • I promise I will be the most well-behaved Remy I can be! Maybe I should pretend to be a kitty for a while…my kitties are Very good at resting! They were extra sweet to me last night too πŸ™‚

  5. Oh Remy, I’m so sorry!!! You are such an active fun-lovin’ doggie, I know this just must be killing you. Now, I knew I heard about this conserative treatment befores, the Five Sibes have successfully done this treatment with cold laser therepy with a couple of their doggies. I couldn’t find the blog post, butts here is a link to their facebook page, and there is some info on their April 15th post. I’m sure if you email her, she can give you some more detail info on the therapy!
    Hope that helps some, I will be keepin’ my paws crossed for you my Furend!

    • Oh thank you so much, Ruby! I know my mom will definitely want to learn all about what the Five Sibes went through! Hopefully she will not make them crazy with a billion questions πŸ˜‰

  6. So sorry to hear about your ligaments. It’s so painful. Litchi fully understands. She’s had an op on one leg but it really didn’t go all that well, so we concentrate on trying to keep the muscles around her knees strong and healthy. She has the luxating patella problem. Looks like you’re doing of a good job of learning how to stand on your head there. Starting slow, using the couch as an aid but, in no time, I’m sure you’ll have a proper headstand going πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I’m sorry Litchi has knee troubles too and extra sorry that her surgery didn’t go well!

      Hehe, I figured if I can stand on my head it won’t matter if my knees aren’t working properly πŸ˜‰ Maybe Litchi and I can practice together!

  7. Oh no… we’re so sorry to hear this! Just think of all the snuggles you’ll get with your rest and think about how much fun hydrotherapy will be. And, don’t worry about the cold laser, Dottie has treatments every few weeks for her arthritis and spondylosis and she thinks it’s pretty cool and always feels better afterwards.

    • That’s cool that Dottie gets cold laser treatment! My mom loves the cold laser; she’s even used it on herself πŸ™‚ She says it feels warm and relaxing.

  8. Oh Remy! Poor you! 😦 I truly hope you are better soon and don’t have to have surgery! Sending megapurrs (hope you don’t mind purrs!!) love Austin xx

    Sorry you couldn’t get the video to work. I don’t understand why? Was your mom using a reader? It might have cheered you up a bit ! πŸ™‚

  9. I’m so sorry about those bad pictures of your legs, R. Once, Mom’s old dog, Smoki had a partially torn ligament in her knee, and she was on cage rest anytime she was unsupervised and had to walk nicely on her leash even in the house! She also took took the anti-inflammatory medicines. After 3 weeks of that, guess what! She was fine! She never had surgery and jumped and ran happily till she was 16 years old. Mom and I will say prayers that you can get strong like Smoki and run and play again soon. While you’re healing, maybe you can learn to tell the different names of your toys. Then you will know one from the other.

    Love and licks,

    • Oh Cupcake, that story about Smoki is wonderful and it really cheered me up! Thank you!!

      Learning more toys is a good idea too! I know three so far, but I could learn more πŸ™‚ The trick is not getting too excited about them…maybe mom should just pick my most boring toys!

  10. Oh Poor Remy! I really, REALLY sympathise with you as I have been living on the edge of similar issues for a while now. I get regular “almost no exercise” periods and treatments with anti-inflammatories. It’s hard for me as I love running and chasing my all more than anything. #1 compromises by leaving me free to move about in the fields, but not throwing anything for me to fetch. We are all crossing our paws 9and hooves!) for you over at Poupounette Central


    • Oh no, Tommy! I am so sorry that you have having these kinds of troubles too! This business stinks! Pups are made to run and play and have fun; not just lie around snoozing all day. I’ll be keeping my paws crossed and saying special prayers for you too; I hope we get better together!!

  11. All my love to you Remy, you’re beautiful. When my labrador Charlie had hip surgery, it was pretty tough to keep him ‘quiet’ for 8 weeks! He was in the crate for a lot of the time, and I would sit by the crate and play lots of little games with him. Eg, I would hide tiny little liver treats in the crate and he would have to sniff them out. Or I would do tricks with him. Or I would hide a treat in one of my hands and get him to sniff out which hand it’s in. Kongs were life savers (frozen, with peanut butter and other goodies inside). Sometimes things like rawhides or bully sticks (although I’ve stopped giving both now because I’m watching his weight and also worried about choking risks). I got him cheap fluffy toys and let him rip them up. But before you know it, you’ll be ok. Charlie runs to his heart’s content now, and it was worth all the trouble πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much and I am so happy that Charlie is all better!! Those games are great idea and luckily mom is a very good frozen Kong chef πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll be running around again just like Charlie one day!

  12. Aw, Remy! Poor sweetie! I has been to the stabby place this week too, so I feel very sympathetic. I am sorry you have to stay kinda quiet for a while. Sometimes I have seen these puzzle box things for kitties that you have to learn to manipulate to get a treat–I don’t know if there are dog ones or whether a doggy could play with a kitty one. I hope that you are feeling better really soon and that everything heals up like it should.

    Hey, could you be allowed in a pool that you could swim around in? I dunno much about doggy knees, though, and maybe that would not be good for you. Sending you my furry best purrs, Buddy.

    • I know you’ve had a rough week too Spitty and I’m so glad you’re doing better! Those are really good ideas! They makes lots of food puzzles for pups and I’ve got a whole basket full of them πŸ™‚ the trouble is that I like too throw most of them and then chase them…so maybe those will have to wait a bit.

      And swimming will be a perfect exercise once my knees have had enough rest! Mom just has to figure out where we can find a pool πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the great ideas and for the purrs, Spitty! I just love Spitty purrs πŸ™‚

  13. Remy my pal, I am sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my prayers. Maybe you could learn to play cards. hehehe Rest up buddy and get better real SOON.

    • Aw, thank you, Goose! And I think would like to learn to play cards! I have a feeling you gave my mom a good idea for something to work on πŸ™‚ I hope there will be some Cheetos involved!

    • Thank you, Ann! Mom has read about that brace too and it sounds pretty neat πŸ™‚ We’ve been learning a lot about conservative treatment. Things might not be so bad…

      • Hope Remy is feeling better!! We had success with conservative management brace from WoundWear. It’s another avenue to check out if you’re still exploring options! Also, the brace didn’t confine him to crate-rest. He was able to walk around which was a great bonus. Does Remy like doggy-massages? I gave those to our dog while he laid-low with his injury. πŸ™‚

      • I do like massages! And now mom is doing some special stretches for my legs too. Plus I start my physical therapies on Thursday. My special vet and mom talked about those cool braces too; we’re going to see how things go πŸ™‚

  14. Remy, it sounds like you were a brave boy at the hospital and we hope for a speedy recovery. Maybe you can do some non strenuous trick learning? How about balancing a treat on your nose and waiting for the ok to eat it?

    • Hey, that’s a good one! This morning mom is teaching me to touch things with my paws, but balancing some tasty treats sounds way more fun πŸ™‚ Thank you!!

  15. Oh Remy! That is awful! Me knows how much yous woofies likes to plays! When our hairy slobbery sister Sam was having knee troubles, Mommy gots here a kibble ball for her crunchies. She could rolls it around her little area to gets the kibbles and shes gots some exercise with her foods!

  16. Oh no! That’s terrible. I would be afraid of surgery too. I’ve heard good things about cold laser therapy. Check out MyBrownNewfies blog. She is having cold laser therapy on one of her dogs and so far, so good.

  17. Hi Buddy! I hope you are feeling better…I bet you’re kind of a bored boy, though. Here’s a terrible story for you: Just as all my beautiful black furz had grown back all nice and plush after that outrageous neutering last August, they freaking SHAVED me AGAIN in a big circle right around my little rosebud. Can you even IMAGINE the indignity?? Now it will take FORVER to grow back again–it’s just so embarrassing.
    I hope you don’t have to get SHAVED anywhere….especially not THERE.

  18. oH REMY YOUR POOR LITTLE LEGS! I hope they figure out and can treat you as fastly as possible so you don’t have to have any more boring days being a couch potato! xoxox- Kirbyand leah!

  19. Oh no! I am just now catching up. Sorry to hear this. I hope you are better soon. Do you know Jen at mybrownnewfires? She is having some conservative treatment for the same thing done on one of her Newfs with some success. Good luck!

    • We don’t know her, not yet anyway πŸ™‚ We’ll have to go read about what they’ve been doing. Mom has been finding out lots more stuff about conservative treatment and she’s gotten to talk to some people who have done this with their pups; it’s making us both feel more hopeful πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Remy,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your partial tears to your cruciates – it seems like we’re all doing it at the moment! Doh! I’m impressed you stayed still for the examination, I couldn’t manage that and had to be sedated…..

    Like you I’ve been limping on and off, more off than on, so my Mum and my vet are hoping mine is fixing itself – I’ve been self regulating my exercise, when it feels good I’ve been my normal clown self – Tee Hee

    Do you know what they will do with the hydrotherapy treatment? My Mum has seen the laser but hasn’t heard about the hydrotherapy….

    Sending you big wags dude,

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

    • I’m so glad your limping has been getting better Snoopy! That’s great!!

      The hydrotherapy is usually like this treadmill in a big tub sort of thing with nice warm water, or sometimes it’s just special swimming exercises. The water helps take the pressure off your joints while you get some conditioning exercise πŸ™‚

  21. Just found your blog and had to post good vibes to Remy while resting his knees! We are going through the same thing with our Lily — she has been doing rehab exercises, hydrotherapy, cold laser, and joint supplements for the last 5 weeks. She’s pretty good about chilling out around the house, but seeing squirrels outside is another story… Here’s to hoping we all avoid the surgery!

  22. Remy – So sorry you are hurt. Heather and Mr. K wish you a speedy recovery. Just think: now you can have breakfast in bed (or on the couch) and treats delivered right to you! Enjoy the special treatment while you can… one of the perks of taking it easy! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  23. Oh my goodness, Remy! I am so behind on reading blogs and just saw this now. That is so scary and I’m sending you and your mom lots of good, happy, lovey, healthy vibes. My family dog, Duncan had a horribly torn cruciate when we adopted him and while he was recuperating from surgery, his second knee tore. So he had both done. I have a friend in flyball who did the alternative laser/hydrotherapy and has had some good success with that, so I hope you do too. We actually had a scare with our Remy this weekend – he was running and leaping in the park playing frisbee and came up limping after he fell (sometimes that boy has no concern for his safety). He seems to be okay and hasn’t limped since Saturday, but I’m still concerned. Please keep us updated!

    • Oh dear! I hope your Remy is okay!! I am doing better then expected so far, but we still don’t know how things will go…mom will help me write a full update post this week πŸ™‚

  24. I just found your blog too, Remy. Maybe you are doing better almost 2 weeks later. Anyway we hope so. Ma says to tell you that she exercises my pea brain…Hey! Ma! That’s not nice!!!…Geez, the help! Anyway she taught me the “shell game.” She sticks treats under one of 3 cups while I watch. She switches them around, then I sniff out the one with my treat! I even learned how to knock the cup over with my paw. I love the game. Also we play “Which Paw?” Where she puts a treat in her hand then “shuffles” it behind her back, then, when she holds her “paws” out, I have to figure out which of her paws has the treat in it. Again I have to use my paw to “point” before I get it. First I learned by bumping her with my nose then we got advanced with me using my paw. Hope that all makes sense.

    Get well soon, Remy!
    Miss Poppy Seed

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