I Like My New Trainer!

On Fathers’ Day we went on a little road trip up to mom’s parents house. I was extra happy because mom’s little cousin, Peter, was going to be there too. I just love Peter!

Now mom says it is important for me to learn to listen to people, no matter how big or little they are, so she made sure Peter and I got a little “training time” in. It was fun 🙂

PS: Just ignore the part of the video where I snuck a whole pile of treats…that never happened, okay? 😉

Do you like hanging out with the little ones?

62 thoughts on “I Like My New Trainer!

  1. Remy you were very patient with Peter. What was taking so long to put the treats out? No way would we have been as patient.

    the brown dawgs

    PS Our person told us being patient was the training…

    • Oh, Brown Dawgs, patience is the worst part of training and my mom is Obsessed over this patience nonsense. But I like to make her happy, so I do my best, no matter how silly it is 🙂

  2. I hadn’t thought of getting Miss 8 to do some training, what a great idea. I love that we have Raffles to play with Miss Eight, it means I get to sleep!
    He loves running in the garden, watching her, following her, playing with her and sleeping at the foot of her bed. He sees his job is to protect her. I have told him his job is to protect me but he hasn’t understood that yet!

    • Maybe he just knows that, really, you are tougher than you think and don’t need too much protecting? I bet he would pull through in a pinch for sure 🙂

  3. Nice score dude!!! BOL You are one patient doggie, butts I still see you were sayin’ to yourself….why ya torturing me kid?!! BOL
    BTW: ‘okay’ is the bestest word in the English language!!

  4. Oh Remy it looks like you and Peter are best buddies! Nice to have a new trainer too isn’t it? Someone who’s closer to your size too…..that’s always nice!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  5. Great job! I think I am going to enlist one of my neighbor’s kids into seeing if Maya and Pierson will listen to them. Somehow I doubt it. Remy listens to Peter so well!

    • It took a little practice 😉 First mom and Peter would train me together and then I got more used to listening to Peter. Plus, whenever little ones want to pet me, mom gives them a treat and has them ask me “sit” first.

  6. Remy, Buddy, Are you sure you really like Peter or do you just like all those TREATS he gave you?!! And nooooooooo, I do *NOT* like sticky little people. I hide under the bed until they are GONE!

    • Hehe, I like Peter and the treats both! I’m glad you have a good place to hide when little ones come over; I can see how they might be a little too, er, exuberant for some 🙂

  7. I love hanging out with little people. I don’t get to do it very often. Especially when they give you treats – and they usually give pretty good loves too.

  8. LOL!! This was so adorable! Love that Peter was playing with your food and you patiently waited for him before diving in! My goodness, Blueberry would have bulldozed Peter (I speak from personal experience) and snarfed all those treats in 1 second flat – so you did an AWESOME job!

    • Aw, thank you 🙂 Bulldozing is my natural way to behave too…but mom is like a relentless drill sergeant with the impulse control business and I am learning whether I like it or not 😉

  9. Hey Remy,

    I love your new trainer too!! Young ones sure are the best! You were very patient – I didn’t see you sneak any treats, I’m sure you were told you could have them – Tee Hee

    Great job buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  10. Hi Buddy! Yes, Leo is a beautiful boy, says my Human (that makes me a little jealous, to tell you the troof) and he is excellently healthy!

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