Taste Testing By Nature Organic Food for Dogs

A few weeks the very nice people at By Nature Pet Foods asked me if I might like to  give some of their food a try. Well, I said yes right away, but mom wanted to do some research first. You see, she is awfully particular about what goes in this blue dog’s tummy (the occasional french fry aside…). So mom had a look at exactly what goes into By Nature’s Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs.

There were a few things she liked right away. First, it is made in the USA. Second, it has organic ingredients. Not all my food and treats are organic, but this is something mom likes when she can get it. Third, the very first ingredient is organic chicken. Not corn. Not mechanically separated poultry product. Just good old chicken 🙂 And the next ingredient is chicken meal. NOT chicken by-product meal. Just chicken meal, which has lots of good protein.

Mom checked out the rest of the ingredients and she was happy. This food does have some grains (brown rice, oats, and barley), but mom does not mind if I get a little high quality grain in my diet. It doesn’t seem to bother me. By Nature does have grain-free foods too, including one with BACON!!

Okay, so now that By Nature has gotten mom’s approval, it’s time for my most favorite part of the review – the taste test!

As you can see, I was in a hurry to break open this bag. I have never gone after my other bags of kibble like this! I could even smell the deliciousness through the box they shipped it in! And mom thinks this food smell pretty nice too 🙂


A pair of thumbs would really come in handy right about now…and some scissors


Silly me! Who needs scissors when you’ve got teeth?!? Hahaha 😀

Mom did not actually let me rip open the bag. She wanted to drag the torture out even longer. Meanwhile, even Linus could not resist what was waiting inside!


Tip it over, Linus! You can do it!


Oh, mom, this has gone on long enough! Pleeeeaase can I just taste it already???

Mom did give me one or two kibbles for waiting so patiently, but that just made me want more!! As you may know, I don’t eat out of a bowl, so mom had to take even more time to hide my yum yum yummy By Nature kibbles in my fleecie tug toy. *Sigh*


The kibbles were a really good size for hiding in all the little braided spots.By-Nature-7

And FINALLY the time arrived. Yes, I had to work to get every last crumb of kibble, but, oh, was it worth it!


So what did I think of By Nature’s Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs? I think I want more more more!

Because mom makes me work for all my food and uses kibbles as treats, she is very happy to find a high quality, healthful food that I am really excited to eat. She gives me a couple of different kinds of food and she’s is going to add this By Nature organic kibble into the mix 😀 I won’t work for all food, but I sure will work for this one!

Thank you very much to By Nature Pet Foods for sending me this super tasty food to review. Although we did not pay for our By Nature Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs, the opinions and ravenous consumption of kibble in this review are all my own.

44 thoughts on “Taste Testing By Nature Organic Food for Dogs

  1. That looks really yummy yummy kibbles! Mommy thinks she has seen byNature canned food in our local petshops. She says she’ll check them out the next time she goes out. 🙂 Thanks for the review, Remy!

  2. Why Remy! You is being STARVED, I think! Would you like me to make some 9-1-1 calls for you? Or, I could order you a pizza or six 😉 Did Linus get into your kibbles???

  3. I really like the fact that it is organic, although I would like to see organic & cage free chicken. Great idea hiding kibble in the rope toy, too. I will have to do that with Maya & Pierson. 🙂

    • So mom is pretty sure chickens have to have outdoor space in order to qualify as organic, but not 100% sure…

      I hope Maya and Pierson have fun with the kibble in the rope toy! 😀

  4. We didn’t know you don’t eat out of a bowl – how cool your mom takes the time to fill your tug toy with foodables. We LOVE our Kongs, we get our breakfast in our Kongs every morning.
    That By Nature food looks grrrreat!

  5. Hmmm…never thought of hiding kibble in toys. Maybe we can get Heather to actually play with one this way! Will you be switching your food all together, Remy? Or will you go back to what you were eating? Much love, The Scottie Mom.

    • I hope Heather will like it! Food is great motivator for me 🙂

      As for my food, mom gives me a few different foods. I get all my food as training treats or in food puzzle things, so using a few different ones keep me interested. Mom likes to give me Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw food for half my diet (this is actually a very high value “treat” for me). Then I get a couple of different kibbles and she’s going to add the By Nature food in with those. Plus I get yogurt and pumpkin and fresh fruits and veggies…yum! 😛

  6. WOWSA!! Remy, that looked mighty TASTY!!! I like your Moms idea of hidin’ the bits in your tug toy! I have one of those ball thingies, butts sometimes it’s just too easy to gets them out. This looks much better! Oh, and Ma gives me kibbles as treaties too! Specially since I’m on a d.i.e.t…..
    Ruby ♥

    • Well, I am glad the d.i.e.t. includes treats, even if they are of the kibble variety 🙂 Some of my treat puzzles are too easy for me too. Plus I pretty much always go for the “just throw it” approach 😉 I hope this d.i.e.t. doesn’t last too long, Ruby!

  7. Oh Remy, you look like you just adore those noms! 😀 I personally like a bit of grain in my diet too…but I gotta say, that Bacon one sounds absolutely delicious too!!! Hm, not sure about having to work for my dinner, but kuddos for you not eating your braided toy as well…hehehe!

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