A Not So Good Day…

Yesterday started out pretty great. Mom took me to the dog run and we played lots of fetch. Then she had to go to the animal hospital she works at on Fridays so she got me all settled in my crate with a frozen Kong and a biscuit Kong and my favorite Nylabone. She even […]

Some Dreams Do Come True!

So most of you probably remember that mom and dad were very busy getting ready for a big pet expo where they had a booth for their pet furniture and accessories company. Well, even though pups were allowed to be in the booths, mom and dad decided I would probably have more fun going to […]

One Blue & Red Nite Dawg!

Usually I am a pretty brave pup, but one thing I am a little nervous about is the dark. So I was pretty excited when SafetyGearOnline sent me a Nite Dawg LED collar to test out! While it doesn’t help me see better in the dark, it makes me a lot easier to see and that makes […]

My February Bark Box :)

It’s Bark Box time again! And boy did I get some great new stuff 😀 First there were some tasty treats… These chew treats from N-Bone are delicious and good for me too! And I love it when mom puts one of these tasty Wet Noses organic biscuits on the end of my Kongsicles! Now […]