I Like My New Trainer!

On Fathers’ Day we went on a little road trip up to mom’s parents house. I was extra happy because mom’s little cousin, Peter, was going to be there too. I just love Peter!

Now mom says it is important for me to learn to listen to people, no matter how big or little they are, so she made sure Peter and I got a little “training time” in. It was fun πŸ™‚

PS: Just ignore the part of the video where I snuck a whole pile of treats…that never happened, okay? πŸ˜‰

Do you like hanging out with the little ones?

Let the Physical Therapies Begin!

Last Thursday I started my physical therapies! First I got some cold laser on both of my knees and then we did some special exercises.

This first one is for balancing and keeping muscles in my legs working well. On Thursday I tried it with just the one funny ball under my front feet, but when we went back on Monday Dr. G made it more challenging with another funny ball for my back feet.

And I get to trot over these neat cavaletti. At first I wanted to jump them all at once, but I figured out how to step over one at a time pretty quickly πŸ™‚ Mom says this is like an exercise she used to do with her horses!


Dr. G did some special stretches with me too and then it was time for the water treadmilling! She went in with me the first time to make sure I was okay.


Where’s the water??

The water makes me a little nervous and excited (as you can see by my BIG eyes!), but it is kind of fun too and I get treats πŸ˜€


I am ready for another treat, mom!


After my first physical therapies, mom took me to a nice park so I could sit on my mat a while and smell the fresh airs. It was a very beautiful day.


When we got home mom put icy towels on my knees for a while and then we had some Remy + Mom + Linus cuddle time; I was exhausted from so much new adventures!

So far I have had two physical therapies and they are going well. I get to go twice a week for a while! Dr. G is really nice and I like learning the special exercises she teaches me to do. She taught mom how to do more exercises with me at home too. I can’t wait to go back for more therapies on Saturday! πŸ˜€

We Have a Plan!

Last Thursday mom took me to see a special new veterinarian. All of the animals this veterinarian sees have trouble with pain and moving around and she has lots of cool ways to help them feel better. There were a lot of new things to smell in her office. Actually, it didn’t look like an office at all. There were giant funny shaped balls and a little ramp thing that mom said was a treadmill and even a gigantic tank that had a very interesting smell! Mom told me that this tank is a treadmill too, but it fills up with water!

Mom and the special veterinarian (Dr. G) talked for a very, very, very long time while I took a nap on this extra comfy bed. Then Dr. G gave me a special check up. She moved all my legs around and felt my back a lot and even measured me all over! When we were done she told mom she wished all of her patients were like me and mom nearly exploded feeling proud of me πŸ™‚


Give it to me straight, Doc

So the good things are that Dr. G is pretty much sure the ligament tears are only partial and the left one is really not bad at all. Also, she says it feels and sounds like my mini-skis are not torn. If they get torn then I really will need surgeries. And Dr. G thinks there is a good chance that the physical therapies will help me feel better.

The not so good things are that Dr. G says my fetch playing days are over, unless I am playing in water. And I have arthritis in both of my knees and my right hip joint already. *Sigh* I am not even 2 years old! So for this I am taking a supplement called Dasuquin and getting special injections called Adequan. Mom says she has been using Adequan in horses since she was a kid. It was the first shot she ever gave when she was just 13 years old!

This Thursday we are going back to Dr. G so I can start my physical therapies twice every week, which will mostly be some water treadmilling and maybe some cold lasers if I am painful. I am not sure how I will feel about the gigantic tank when it’s got water in it, but mom promises there will be some delicious treats involved πŸ™‚

Also, mom has to do some special stretches on both of my back legs 3 times a day. She calls them range of motion and pro-pree-o-sep-shun exercises…whatever that means?

And Dr. G said it is okay for me to go on some car rides! So this weekend mom and dad took me to see the ocean! I even get to take a few 5-10 minute walks every day now πŸ˜€ Mom made me wear the face jail (aka Gentle Leader) at the ocean because she was worried I might be too excited, but I didn’t even mind.


Can you smell it, mom?? The saltiness? It’s delicious πŸ™‚

And at home I have had a really good napping buddy to keep me company while I’m resting…


Hey Linus, could you scratch that spot on my back? Thanks buddy πŸ™‚

Mom is hoping to get some pictures of me in the physical therapies, but she’s not sure if she will be able to since it is my first trip and I might take some time getting used to it. I will try to be brave! Wish me luck and go play some fetch for me too, okay? πŸ˜‰


My Most Favorite Flea :)

One of the things mom and I love the most of all about having a blog is all of the awfully nice people and animals we have met in blogville πŸ™‚ Since I hurt my knees, you all have been so sweet and it really cheers me up to read so many good wishes!

Well, I don’t know if you know Flea, but she is a very nice lady who writes the blog forΒ Jones’ Natural Chews and when she heard I was hurt she sent me a bottle of joint supplement that she did not need. And just to be extra nice, she sent some Beef Liver Taffy along too πŸ™‚ Now she didn’t ask me to write about any of this stuff, but this special package made me so happy and the taffy was so yum yum yummy that I really wanted to tell you all about it.


These taffies smelled so delicious I tried to rip the package right open! And then mom used them to work on the new things I Β am learning and I did my very best work yet!


There is even a special note just for me in here!


So here are some videos of what we are working on πŸ™‚

First we worked on touching (with my nosie) and tapping (with my paws)


Then we did some balancing on top of my head. I can tell you it is much harder to balance a smell-o-riffic treat than a boring old pumpkin stuffie!


Then we worked on holding things in my mouth. Mom says I made a “breakthrough” today because it was the first time I didn’t just spit the thing right out.


And then we worked on playing “dead,” which we’ve only worked on once before. I gotta work on staying “dead” longer, but I’d say I’m off to a good start πŸ™‚


So even though I haven’t been able to go for walks or play fetch, mom has been keeping me busy πŸ™‚

Have you learned any new tricks lately?