Taste Testing By Nature Organic Food for Dogs

A few weeks the very nice people at By Nature Pet FoodsΒ asked me if I might like toΒ Β give some of their food a try. Well, I said yes right away, but mom wanted to do some research first. You see, she is awfully particular about what goes in this blue dog’s tummy (the occasional french fry aside…). So mom had a look at exactly what goes into By Nature’s Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs.

There were a few things she liked right away. First, it is made in the USA. Second, it has organic ingredients. Not all my food and treats are organic, but this is something mom likes when she can get it. Third, the very first ingredient is organic chicken. Not corn. Not mechanically separated poultry product. Just good old chicken πŸ™‚ And the next ingredient is chicken meal. NOT chicken by-product meal. Just chicken meal, which has lots of good protein.

Mom checked out the rest of the ingredients and she was happy. This food does have some grains (brown rice, oats, and barley), but mom does not mind if I get a little high quality grain in my diet. It doesn’t seem to bother me. By Nature does have grain-free foods too, including one with BACON!!

Okay, so now that By Nature has gotten mom’s approval, it’s time for my most favorite part of the review – the taste test!

As you can see, I was in a hurry to break open this bag. I have never gone after my other bags of kibble like this! I could even smell the deliciousness through the box they shipped it in! And mom thinks this food smell pretty nice too πŸ™‚


A pair of thumbs would really come in handy right about now…and some scissors


Silly me! Who needs scissors when you’ve got teeth?!? Hahaha πŸ˜€

Mom did not actually let me rip open the bag. She wanted to drag the torture out even longer. Meanwhile, even Linus could not resist what was waiting inside!


Tip it over, Linus! You can do it!


Oh, mom, this has gone on long enough! Pleeeeaase can I just taste it already???

Mom did give me one or two kibbles for waiting so patiently, but that just made me want more!! As you may know, I don’t eat out of a bowl, so mom had to take even more time to hide my yum yum yummy By Nature kibbles in my fleecie tug toy. *Sigh*


The kibbles were a really good size for hiding in all the little braided spots.By-Nature-7

And FINALLY the time arrived. Yes, I had to work to get every last crumb of kibble, but, oh, was it worth it!

Β By-Nature-8By-Nature-9

So what did I think ofΒ By Nature’s Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs? I think I want more more more!
Β By-Nature-10

Because mom makes me work for all my food and uses kibbles as treats, she is very happy to find a high quality, healthful food that I am really excited to eat. She gives me a couple of different kinds of food and she’s is going to add this By Nature organic kibble into the mix πŸ˜€ I won’t work for all food, but I sure will work for this one!

Thank you very much to By Nature Pet Foods for sending me this super tasty food to review. Although we did not pay for our By Nature Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs,Β the opinions and ravenous consumption of kibble in this review are all my own.

What Else Has the Blue Dog Been Doing?

Besides the SuperZoo, I have had some other exciting adventures while I’ve been away from blogville!

I turned 2 years old! Mom and dad got me some delicious treats, a curly bully stick, and bear stuffie that makes a Really funny noise when you squish him πŸ˜€



Birthday cakepop? Why yes, I would like a birthday cakepop!

And I got to go for a walk at my most favorite park for my birthday too! Mom even let me take a million hours to smell every pee mail!


Perfect weather for a birthday walk!

Mom found an itty-bitty baby lizard on the stairs. He was frozen with terror. I was a very good pup and did not even think of chasing or eating him πŸ™‚ Mom scooped him up and freed him to the outside world, where he became unfrozen and much harder not to chase πŸ˜‰


I went on a really great walk and to a coffee shop with my very beautiful friend, Cali. She had surgery for a torn cruciate not too long ago and we have been recuperating together.


I am getting really good at holding things!


I got these No Grainers in my Bark Box. They are super tasty!

We took a few trips to Home Depot. And Staples too – did you know pups are allowed in Staples??


I got to taste my first french fry ever! Heaven!!


I am pretty sure this qualifies as puppy torture, mom…

I think I have been under surveillance…


Mom has no idea Schroeder is a spy!

And! And And! I got to go on my very first pack walk since I hurt my knees!!! It was more wonderful than I ever dreamed πŸ™‚
First-Pack-Walk-1 First-Pack-Walk-2

And that’s what this blue dog has been up to πŸ˜€

Adventures from the SuperZoo!


Dad & I hold down the fort πŸ™‚

Hello again my friends! It has been oh, so long since I have been able to visit blogville. But (finally) mom can take a little break from her boring “work” and help me do this, which is much more important!

SuperZoo was a very big adventure! Starting with my very first real road trip πŸ˜€


We had to wake up hours before the sun even arrived and I was a pretty sleepy pup in the car.


When we finally got to Las Vegas it was about 7 billion degrees outside, which mom loved because she is like a lizard or something. But dad and I thought it was a little too hot. The good part, though, was that there was pee mail Everywhere!!


Luckily it was much cooler inside where the show was. And I even got my very own official exhibitor badge πŸ˜€


Each day, mom walked me around the show in the morning and at lunchtime and before it is was time to leave. We did a Lot of walking! There were so many things to look at and to do! Mom wishes she had more pictures of all the cool things we did! I told her we need a camera man for next year πŸ˜‰ I can’t even remember all the cool things we saw, but here are a few things I do remember.


This cute little guy did some serious product testing πŸ˜‰

We had the best neighbors Ever! Treat makers!! Their company is called Rosie’s BarkeryΒ and they make some very delicious treats! I got to taste test plenty πŸ˜‰ They use all human quality ingredients and they make their treats right here in California. But the really cool part is that their treats have only a few ingredients each and no grains or glutens, so they are extra good for pups with allergies. Or pups who like things that taste super yummy!


Kisses for my Rosie’s Barkery friends!

I also got to meet Carol, from Acadia Antlers! She was so nice and she gave me some cool new stuff to try out called Moose Dust. Mom is helping me work on a review of this stuff, so more on that later.

And I met my Twitter/Instagram friend, Patricia, from Paws PR!


SuperZoo is a totally pawsome place to make new friends!


This trip was my very first time sleeping at a hotel. I like hotels!HotelBed

I made friends with the people over at the Stella & Chewy’s booth, of course! Do you know, I didn’t get hardly any of my regular kibbles at SuperZoo? Usually I get mostly kibbles and just one or two Stella & Chewy’s patties, but at SuperZoo it was all Stella & Chewy’s all week long! (I wish a week was a little longer…) And those nice Stella & Chewy’s folks gave me a whole bag of their brand new Phenomenal Pheasant Dinner to take home! Thanks guys!!

Actually, I got lots of cool stuff to bring home. I guess my “cute face” is pretty good!


There were dogs everywhere. I got to say hi to lots of them, but my favorite was a big, handsome doberman, who was a service dog. We saw lots of dogs with some very wild hairdos! The first time I passed one of these guys, I did a double take πŸ˜› Mom thought that was pretty hilarious.

I got to meet the people at FitPAWS, who make the special equipment I use for my physical therapies, like the peanut ball.


My walks around the show were so exciting, I was ready to take a good long nap in my soft crate by the time we got back to mom and dad’s booth!


Break time!

SuperZoo was super fun! But when the week was over, I was ready to get home to my kitties and my own, quiet home.


Later Vegas!

I got extra good kitty cuddles πŸ˜€


But I cannot wait to go back to SuperZoo next year!

And right now I cannot wait to catch up on what you have all been up to!!

Where Did the Blue Dog Go??

Hi Everyone!! I am awfully sorry I have not been around lately 😦

Taking some time to smell the grasses πŸ™‚

Nothing bad has happened. Mom and dad are just terribly busy getting ready for this gigantic show thing called Super Zoo. It is not a zoo like the ones with lions and tapirs and zebra. It is a special thing where lots of people who make things for animals meet lots of people with stores for animals.

Even Linus is hard at work getting ready for the zoo!

Do you want to know the coolest part?? I am going to this zoo too! I was going to stay at the special place where I get to run and play with other pups all day, but since I hurt my knees I cannot do all that running. Instead, mom and dad are taking me to Las Vegas with them so I can make lots of money playing Black Jack! Wait…what mom?! I am not old enough for this game?!? *Sigh*


I have been working too! Mom says I am an excellent model πŸ™‚

All right, so no cards, but I will get to go on a totally pawsome road trip and hang out with mom and dad in their special zoo booth all day!

Mom got me a ThunderShirt for the zoo, in case all the excitement makes me a little nervous.

Mom and dad are very excited about the Super Zoo, but it also means they have lots and lots of work to do before they get there.

All this work is making me and Schroeder pretty sleepy!

So this means mom has not been able to help me very much with my blogging or with visiting all of my blogville buddies. This is one part of this Super Zoo business that I do not like one bit. I have been missing you all very much and mom has been missing you too. We are anxious to be able to get back to visiting you all!!

If you are wondering what this Blue Dog is up to until then, stop by onΒ Facebook,Β Twitter, orΒ Instagram. It is a little easier for mom to help me keep up there, ’cause she can do it on her phone and plus it takes her practically Forever to write out my posties for me πŸ˜›

My physical therapies are going great!

The zoo happens in one and a half weeks and we’ll be there for 5 days. I just cannot wait to catch up on the all the cool adventures you’ve been having lately πŸ˜€Β I just love you all andΒ I am missing you so so much!!