Shhh…This Is a Secret

You have to promise not to tell anyone about this, but my white and orangey kitty — Schroeder — is actually a sort of robot. An animatronic. We have been trying to capture video of the robot moving like, well, a robot, but he is very shy about cameras.

The only time we can catch him is when he is recharging, see…


Part of being an animatronic cat is pretending to be like other cats. Recently Schroeder (aka Schroedbot) has decided to try to be that famous and fun kitty Maru, who likes to climb into every kind of box you can imagine.


My mom thinks maybe Schroedbot is sad because I am making new friends while he is stuck recharging. So I decided to tell my friends about him and then he can have friends too! But you can’t tell anyone else, ok?

21 thoughts on “Shhh…This Is a Secret

  1. Schroedbot is such a cutie, he looks nice and fluffy, I’m sure he could make lots of new friends! Maybe you could sign him up for an online kitteh dating service! He looks like a nice hunk of ManCat!! BOL


    • Schroedie loves bunnies. He hangs out with my bunny all the time. Sometimes she scares him when she hops suddenly. Actually she bosses him around all the time πŸ™‚ And everyone bosses me around…

    • No no, Schroedbots are unaffected by catnip. He does that for at least a couple hours a day — I think that is how he recharges his batteries!

      Now Linus, my brown stripey kitty, he goes crazy for the catnip. Mom thought about using this special catnip spray on me to make Linus like me. I will tell you what happens if she ever actually does it.

  2. Your secrets safe with me!! I Think I’d like a robot Cat too!! Do they shed like regular Cats?

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

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