Some Dreams Do Come True!

So most of you probably remember that mom and dad were very busy getting ready for a big pet expo where they had a booth for their pet furniture and accessories company. Well, even though pups were allowed to be in the booths, mom and dad decided I would probably have more fun going to pup camp where I could play with buddies all day long instead of just sitting around while they worked.

I didn’t like it a bit when I realized mom was leaving me, but I forgot about her pretty much right away. It’s hard to be sad when there are pups everywhere and as much fetch, chase, wrestle mania, and cuddling time as this blue dog could ever hope for πŸ™‚ Mom did lots of checking up on me too; she could even watch me playing on her phone!

So anyway, the really exciting part is what happened when I got home. I was tuckered out from four days of non-stop playtime. And Linus, my brown stripey kitty, loves the smell of other animals. So when I cuddled up with mom on the couch for a little “Remy Time,” something magical happened…


Can you even believe it?! I still remember when I first met Linus and he would puff out and make scary noises and whack me in the face! Well, he does still whack me in the face, but not hard like he used to. Of all the Gotcha Day presents I got, being friends with my kitties is my most favorite of all!

58 thoughts on “Some Dreams Do Come True!

  1. Oh my goodness Remy that is so so so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes. Well this will go on the top of the pile a wonderful things I have seen today. Thank You!

  2. Awwwwww. This made us smile really wide! I don’t mind my feline furblings but I don’t like them to touch me. And definitely no rubbing all over me!
    Mommy says the video was a lovely way to end her day. πŸ™‚


  3. That was adorable! I’m not sure which made me laugh more – the fact that Remy slept through most of Linus’s attention or the fact that I could see Linus gently chewing on Remy some of the time too! This was priceless – thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh I think that kitty does like you a lot Remy. Just look he is giving your head and ears a nice bath. Our kitties love our dog too.
    Have a great week end.

  5. this has to be the SWEETEST video I have seen in some time. Trying to pin it but it won’t let me!!! The music was perfect and this was just precious. Totally made my day! xoxoxo

    • I thought getting all that love from Linus was great already, but making my friends smile makes it even better! Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday too, Molly!

  6. OH my gosh Remy, I almost had a heart attack when I starte dwatching the video. I swear that was Allred lickin your face. Allred dude……are you crazy letting Allred close to you like that.
    Then My Vickie explained it was Linus not Allred. So now it is a cute video, not a scary one.
    I was really worried for you.

    • Hahahaha, you really made me and mom laugh, Bert! Linus does look so much like Allred! Now if Allred gave kisses all over like this, well that really would be a miracle πŸ˜€

  7. How pawesome is your bud?! I’m super glad that you and Linus are getting along soooo well Remy! πŸ˜€ Soon you’ll be throwing him around like me and Little Bit!! Hehehe! πŸ˜€ L

  8. Remy, I LOVED that video! How sweet =) Is your kitty still being extra nice to you even though the animal smells have rubbed off from your time at camp?

  9. That is just the sweetest thing EVER! Well, as long as that big floofy tabby doesn’t suffocate you, MOL! Really funny and cute!

  10. Remy

    That is such an awesome gift, love your video, can’t even imagine having a cat lolling all over me and licking me, Mum says I’ve got work to do yet on my cat manners…..

    Have fun buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

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